An aquarium requires maintenance and so an individual providing aquarium maintenance service needs to be hired. Thus an aquarium maintenance contract is drafted when a service provider agrees to maintain an aquarium for an individual or an organization. The contract acts as documentary evidence and prevents any kind of misunderstanding arising between both the parties.

Sample Aquarium Maintenance Contract

Aquarium Maintenance Contract Number: UJ 1245

Date of registering the contract: 25th April 2011

This aquarium maintenance service contract has been drafted between Rid Scott referred to as the service provider with office address located at: 12 Blue Pigeon Street, New York, New Jersey 4512 and Ron Howard referred to as the client with residential address located at 12 Very Rocky Street, New York, New Jersey 4514.

Both the parties have to agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Rid Scott is in charge of looking after all the features of the aquarium which includes changing the water on a weekly basis, changing the lights if they are not working, cleaning the aquarium and removing any dead fish lying inside.
  1. Ron Howard will pay Rid Scott a remuneration of $500 per month. The payment has to be in advance and in cash in exchange of which the service provider has to provide a bill.
  1. The contract can be renewed after it expires.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions by putting their signature below:

Signature of the service provider:                                               Signature of the client:

Rid Scott                                                                 Ron Howard

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