An apartment sales contract is prepared between the apartment owner and the buyer to complete the purchasing procedure. Such a contract is treated as the legal binding, which is legitimately processed.

Sample Apartment Sales Contract:

Contract Number: 12/ AP

Effective date of the contract; October 20th, 2010

This apartment sales contract is commenced by and between Ms Lena Simpson, hereinafter called as the seller party, who is willing to sell her house to Mr. Rodger Demonic, herein after referred as the buyer party.

The Address of the Apartment:

34/ C, Wing- H,

Navratilova Building, Sunrise Road,

Toronto Canada

Hereby, the term & conditions are mentioned underneath with the consideration of both the parties:

(a) Price Clause:

The market price of the apartment is: $ 45600

Taxes to be paid: $ 5690

The initial amount before the documentation: $ 1000 out of the total amount.

Hence, the rest of the amount which is $ 50290  is to be paid by the buyer party to the seller at the time of legal procedure.

(b) Buyers Responsibility:

The buyer party has to follow the legal commencement of the terms to pay the money on time.

(c) Sellers Obligations:

The seller party has to accept the committed payment and will issue a receipt with authorized signatures and legal stamp. After the contract completion, the buyer party will be the new owner of the apartment.

(d) Termination:

The termination is only possible when any unsettled monetary issue will occur during the procedure. The contract will be terminated and can be initiated from initial step.

Hence, after understanding above contract clauses, both the parties are requested to sign the acceptance section:

Singed by the Seller Party:

Lena Simpson

Signed by the Buyer Party:

Rodger Dominick


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