An Apartment lease contract is a legal document which is entered between the owner of the apartment and the lessee who wishes to take the apartment on rent. This contract mentions the details of the lessor and the lessee along with the details of the apartment, rent and other terms and condition.

Sample apartment lease contract:

Lease contract Number: 55- WL

This apartment lease contract is prepared and entered in between Mr. Colin Brown herein referred as lessor of the apartment & Mr. Daniel Steel hereafter referred as the lessee.

The Lessee hereby agrees to lease the apartment mentioned as below:

Leased apartment address: 120 Pine Building, Anytown , NY 33221 USA. Ph: 980-121-5552

Apartment details: Fully furnished.

This lease contract will be valid for a period of 1 year starting from 1st November 2010 to  31st  October 2011.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Lessee agrees to pay the owner an amount of $ 420 monthly as a rent on or before 7th (date) of each month.
  • The Lessee shall deposit an amount of $ 2300 held by the owner as a security deposit, which would be returned upon the possession of apartment after abstracting any damage or loss to the apartment & for other reasons acceptable by Law.
  • Use of apartment shall be solely for residential purpose and  it shall not be used for any other purpose without written consent by the Owner.
  • The Lessee shall not allocate or rent this apartment to any other person without written consent of the Owner.

Both the parties hereby sign the contract:

Lessor name: Mr. Colin Brown

Lessor  signature: ________________

Lessor address: 5th McKinley’s Avenue, 20 Main Street, Any town MA 12344

Lessee name: Mr. Daniel Steel

Lessee signature: _________________________

Lessee address: Carew Towers, Apartment no.209, 16TH Rose Street, NY. 9999


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