An antique mall vendor contract is a contract which is signed between a vendor working in an antique mall and a vendee who wishes to buy products. This contract is legal in nature and consists of certain terms and conditions based on which contract is signed by both the parties.

Sample antique mall vendor contract

This contract has been effective on 14th July 2011

This contract has been made between Mr. Rad Fling who is hereby referred to as the VENDOR and Mr. Paul Tilt who is hereby referred to as the VENDEE.

Details of the VENDOR

Mr. Rad Fling owns an antique shop by the name of Fling old works in VS Antique mall, LA and can be contacted at 473095745945

Details of the VENDEE

Mr. Paul Tilt is vendee of antique products and owns a store in Manhattan by the name of Tilt antiques and can be contacted at 47493085045.

Amount of vendor goods to be paid each month: $10000

Duration of contract: 12 months

Termination date of contract: 14th July 2012

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The VENDOR shall supply goods and artefacts to the VENDEE every month within the first week and shall receive payment within this time period.
  • The VENDEE must make the payment on time to avoid any legal actions or stoppage of goods from coming.
  • Both the parties must abide by the terms of the contract.

Hereby, both parties give their validation as follows:

Rad Fling

Paul Tilt

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