An annual maintenance contract is a formal document drafted when a service provider agrees to provide a certain kind of service to an individual on an annual basis. The details mentioned in the contract include the kind of service to be provided annually, the service maintenance fee and the personal details of both the parties.

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Sample Annual Maintenance Contract

Contract number: HJ5241

Date of registering the contract: 15th of April 2011

This annual maintenance service contract has been entered into between GL Technologies, termed as the service provider with office address at:

56 Jane Eye Road
California, Los Angeles 9401

And Lily Limited termed as the client with office address at:

52 Rock High Road,

California, Los Angeles 9403.

To provide maintenance service of all the office computers of Lily Limited on an annual basis.

There are few terms and conditions that both the parties have to agree to:

  1. The service maintenance fees to be paid to the service provider is $2000 for servicing of fifty computers.
  2. The service has to be provided at least three times every week and during office hours.
  3. The contract is valid till 14th of April 2015. Either of the parties can cancel the contract prior to the expiry date before which they need to serve a notice period of one month. Renewal of the contract is at the discretion of both the parties.
  4. The service should be provided by certified hardware engineers.

Signature of service provider:                                                Signature of client:

Harry Clinton                                                                                 Bruce Woo

(On behalf of GL Technologies)                                            (CEO, Lily Limited)

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