A sales agent is a person or a professional who is hired by employers to help them make sales of their products or services. Whenever an employer hires a sales agent, then both the parties may enter into an agreement based on mutual understanding and such an agreement is known as an agreement contract for sales agent.  An agreement contract for sales agent is a formal and legal document by the means of which both the parties assert their right to justice in case the other party violates or breaches the agreed terms and conditions.

An agreement contract for sales agent is a formally drafted document which must be very detailed and should list out several details such as details of parties, dates of commencement and termination, details of job duties of sales agent as well as the terms and conditions of the agreement. The terms and conditions of the agreement must specify exactly how the parties must conduct themselves during the length of contract and how they should act in certain situations. The exact payment amount which the employer shall pay to the sales agent must also be provided in the document for future confirmation and reference.

Sample Agreement Contract For Sales Agent:

Agreement Contract For Sales Agent

Download Agreement Contract For Sales Agent

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