There are several types of agencies in the world. While some agencies help companies to find employees, others may perform other types of duties. Whenever an agency hires an employee, then it gets into a formal arrangement with the employee and this arrangement is termed as an agency employment contract.  An agency employment contract is a legally enforceable document which encircles the parties into a legal circle and makes it mandatory for them to follow all the rules and covenants.  If any of the parties were to violate the terms and conditions, then it may have to face legal complications or implications.

An agency employment contract is a detailed document which consists of many pieces of information including the names of the parties, their addresses, their contact numbers and the salary which the agency has to pay to the employee. The contract must also specify the duties which the agency employee must fulfil for as long as the contract remains effective. An agency employment contract must also consist of certain terms and conditions which specify the various other important details of the contract such as the work timings of the employee, days of work, holiday details and other such benefits etc.

Sample Agency Employment Contract:

Agency Employment Contract forms1

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