An ACA training contract is entered between an approved organization that promises to provide ACA training and students who want to become chartered accountants. It explains the support that the organization will provide to the student during the length of the approved training and the standards of performance expected out of the training.

Sample ACA training contract:

Date of law training contract: 8th Dec 2009

Effective start date of the contract: 10th Dec 2009

Contract details

All ACA students must be issued with a training contract. The start date of the ACA training contract is 10th Dec 2009 and the end date of the ACA training contract is 15th Feb 2010. According to this ACA training contract, the ICAEW recognised institute, ABC Foundation will train the students for the time duration between the start and end date to make these students chartered accountants.

Any changes to the dates mentioned will be duly notified to all the students in advance.

Address of the institute

56/89 K, Skyline Lane, Building 2, ABC Foundation, Ottawa, Canada

ACA training contract – Terms and Conditions:

  • The students may be required to work at any location provided the work meets the criteria as given in the annexure.
  • The students must not engage in public practice without written permission from the training employer.
  • Termination of the training agreement will lead to termination of the student’s employment.
  • The training employer agrees to provide the student with approved training throughout the duration of the training contract.

Signatures of the parties

Signature of the trainer: ABC Foundation

Signature of the student: Mr. Tim Jones

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