An A/C Maintenance contract is a legal binding contract when an individual or an organizations assigns the responsibility of the maintaining their A/C to other individual or an organization. The contract contains the details of the parties, the terms and conditions agreed between them and the type of service to be provided.

Sample A/C Maintenance Contract

A/C Maintenance Contract Number: UJ 1245

Date of registering the contract: 25th April 2011

This a/c maintenance contract has been drafted and entered into between Jackie Chan, referred to as the a/c repair man and Hilton Group of Hotels, referred to as the client in order to repair and maintain the air conditioners installed at the hotel located at:

41 Red Color Road,

Mary Land, New Jersey 5124.

There are few terms and conditions that both the parties have to agree to:

  1. The responsibility of ensuring the air conditioners are in working condition lies with the service provider.
  2. The a/c repair man will be held responsible for any leakage in the air conditioners after he provides his service.
  3. During the contract period the a/c repair man has to always attend to any problems arising in the air conditioners, he cannot refuse to provide service.
  4. The service provider will pay an amount of $100 per month to the a/c repair man as his service charges.

It is evident that both the parties have agreed to the above terms and conditions:

Signature of a/c repairman:                                                         Signature of client:

Jackie Chan                                                                                            Paris Hilton

(MD, Hilton Group of Hotels)

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