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A business franchise is a formal arrangement that is formed between a business owner and a person or party who agrees to run a branch of that business for a certain fixed and temporary period of time.  A formal and written document which specifies the details of this arrangement so that it can be used later for legal reference or backing is known as a business franchise contract.

A business franchise contract is a document which must state the details of the franchise so that a proper detailed description of the franchise can be recorded.

A business franchise contract must begin by giving the purpose of the contract along with the details of the franchisor and the franchisee. It must then give the date from which the franchise will be in effect and also the effective length of the contract.

A business franchise contract should also consist of the various terms and conditions of the franchise including the role of the franchisee in the running of the business as well as the responsibilities of both. Another important part of a contract of this kind is the franchise amount which the franchisee pays to the franchisor for buying the franchise.

Sample Business Franchise Contract:

business franchise



Any lease contract which is formed in the situation where the lessee also has the option of purchasing the equipment or property which is put on lease is known as a lease purchase contract. Lease purchase contracts can be of many types such as property lease purchase contract, equipment lease purchase contract etc.

But all of these types come under one broad category which can be termed as a standard lease purchase contract. A standard lease purchase contract is made between a lessor and a lessee for a certain fixed period of time and for a certain fixed monthly lease payment but also gives the purchase figure for the case when the lessee opts to purchase the leased item.

Standard lease purchase contract is a formally drafted document which is legally binding for both the involved parties and consists of enforceable terms and conditions which describe the responsibilities as well as the respective roles of the parties in the lease arrangement.

It also mentions the clauses or conditions under which the lessee can buy the item. In such a contract, the contract term or the effective length of contract should also be given and the document must be signed at the end by both the lessee and the lessor.

Sample Standard Lease Purchase Contract:


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An IT maintenance service is a service where an IT expert agrees to offer maintenance services to a client or an owner of IT products or services.  Such a service is a consumer service and hence the service provider is paid for by the client. To formalize or legalize the arrangement of IT maintenance services, the contract that is formed is known as an IT maintenance service contract.

Any such contract is a formal and legally drafted document which authorizes the IT service provider to provide the maintenance services to the client and authorizes the client to make the due payment to the service provider.

A contract of this nature records the mutually discussed points between the parties in the form of terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are the clauses according to which the parties are expected to conduct themselves during the length or the effective period of contract.

The contract document must also indicate which party is the client and which is the service provider by giving their names, official addresses and their phone numbers.  The contract should also mention the amount that the client will pay to the service provider for his/her IT maintenance services.

Sample IT Maintenance Service Contract:


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Every restaurant needs proper management of its staff, the premises, the finances and other aspects for smooth functioning and running of the business and to ensure day to day administration. For this, hotels often hire managers who are known as restaurant managers to look after the everyday duties and management.

At the time of hiring restaurant managers, the employer and the employee may decide to formalize the arrangement by entering into a restaurant management agreement contract.  Such a contract is a written document which records all the details of employment including the salary that the manager will be getting, the number of working days, the hours of working, the duties and responsibilities of the manager as well as the role of the owner of the restaurant in the agreement.

A restaurant management agreement contract is a safe and legally binding way for an employer and employee to get into an association. It safeguards rights of both and makes it compulsory for both to abide by the terms and conditions. Upon violation of any of the terms of the contract, the party which defaults may be held legally chargeable. The contract document must be signed at the end to indicate mutual consent by both parties.

Sample Restaurant Management Agreement Contract:


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In many situations, people sell off their used cars to those interested in buying vehicles at reduced rates. The selling is a process which can either take place without any legal interference or may be formed under a legal light and in this case, the document used to record the details of the selling is known as a used car sales contract.

A used car sales contract is a contract which is formed between the owner of a used car and a buyer who agrees to buy the used vehicle. The contract is important to list the price of the car, the condition of the car and the rules related to the use of the car by the new owner.

A used car sales contract is a written document which must include the details of the seller and buyer. It must not only give their names and titles but also their contact numbers and addresses for future reference.

The document must consist of a broad heading called ‘terms and conditions’, within which the roles of the parties must be given. The seller does not have any right over the vehicle after the sale has been finalized.

Sample Used Car Sales Contract:


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