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Many business companies often hire outside help or outsource certain services whose expertise they do not have themselves. In such cases, the service provider is paid for the service he/she provides and is hired for a temporary basis. In case of handling or managing project works, project managers are hired by business organizations. In such cases, they formulate contracts that are known as project management services contracts.

Project management services contracts are those types of contracts that are formed between a client and a project manager and are mostly time bound in nature.

Such contracts are meant to authorize the project manager to provide management services for a certain project and to authorize the client or employer to pay the service provider for his/her services. it is very important for these contracts to name the parties, give their titles, contact numbers and also their addresses of correspondence.

A project management services contract should also mention the effective time period of the contract by giving its commencement date and its termination date. The terms of contract must mention the responsibilities of each party and what role it shall be playing during the effective term.  It is important to give the payment details as well in the document.

Sample Project Management Services Contract


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Hotel management is an important part of the functioning and operations of any hotel.  This complex task can only be handled by someone who is experienced, has the proper managerial skills and the required experience.

Thus, hotels often hire specialists to handle hotel management and pay them for their services. In such situations, hotel management agreement contracts may be formed. These contracts work like employment contracts wherein the hotel owner employs an individual or a group for the managerial tasks of the hotel by paying a certain salary.

Hotel management agreement contracts are written documents which protect the owner and the manager against any violation of the terms of the contract and authorize each party to fulfill its part of the deal. This means that on signing of a hotel management agreement contract, the hotel owner must compulsorily make the payment to the manager and the manager must perform the managerial work.

The terms and conditions stated in such contracts must define the term of employment, the salary, the working hours, the work duties and the working days of the hotel manager. These terms should also state the role of the owner in the agreement contract.

Sample Hotel Management Agreement Contract


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Event management is a task in which a person or party agrees to organize, manage and administer an event for a client or an event host. These kinds of services are generally provided by event management companies for clients. In most of the cases of using event management services, the involved parties agree to form an event management agreement contract.

An event management agreement contract is a written formal arrangement where the client hires an event manger for a certain fixed period of time and in return for a certain payment.

Event management agreement contracts are useful and very important documents as they safeguard the rights of each of the parties and enforce the involved parties to fulfill their part of the arrangement. The contract document must include the names, addresses and contact numbers of the client and the service provider and should also state the amount of payment that the service provider will be getting for his/her services.

The most important part of an event management agreement is the part where the clauses or the terms and conditions are given.  These terms and conditions must clearly define the responsibilities of the event manager and the way the parties are expected to conduct themselves during the effective term.

Sample Event Management Agreement Contract


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Those people who own multiple real estate properties often hire outside help for the management and maintenance of the real estate. In such a scenario, the hired help is known as the real estate manager or service provider whereas the owner of the property is known as the client.

In most of these cases, the parties decide to formulate a written contract so that the proceedings can be recorded for future reference or legal purposes. Such contracts are known as real estate management agreement contracts

A real estate management agreement contract is a contract which is formed to make sure that the client and the service provider fulfill their part of the arrangement, i.e., the service provider properly manages the real estate and the client pays the service provider for the services.

The contract document must clearly mention the commencement date of the contract and the termination date of the contract as well so that the parties know of the effective term. Moreover, such a contract should give the terms and conditions where the roles and responsibilities of the parties are provided including the working hours of the manager, the working days, the salary details as well as the duties which he/she is required to fulfil.

Sample Real Estate Management Agreement Contract


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Those contracts which are formed between car owners and those individuals who rent their car for a certain fixed period of time are known as car lease contracts.  In such contracts, it is especially mentioned that the lessee, at no point can opt to purchase the car. This is the point which makes car lease contracts different from car lease purchase contracts.

A car lease purchase contract is a kind of a contract which too is formed between a car owner and a lessee but includes the option of purchasing the car. This means that the lessee can request the lessor for buying the vehicle during the effective length of contract or after that for an amount which is decided by the owner.

A car lease purchase contract consists of several terms and conditions, each of which describes the role of the involved parties and responsibilities of each one of them. These terms describe the conditions under which the lessee will be allowed to buy the car and the cost for which he/she shall be able to purchase it. The contract document is a legal document whose terms or details cannot be violated by the lessor or the lessee without facing legal charges.

Sample Car Lease Purchase Contract


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