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A Personal Training agreement contract is made between a Personal Trainer and the Client who hires a personal trainer for availing his/her services. These types of contracts can be signed for hiring a personal trainer for yoga, aerobics or any other services. The contract must provide the details of the parties and terms and conditions agreed between them.

Sample Personal Training Agreement Contract:

Contract Number: 78- FLC

Date of Registration: May 3rd, 2012

This Personal Training contract is made and entered between Mr. William Duke residing at: House No. 440 Montgomery, St. San Francisco, California, 94103 hereinafter called as the Trainer


Ms. Diana Richardson, residing at permanent address: 35 Palm Circle, St. San Francisco, California 94013, hereinafter called as the Client.

This contract is effective from May 5th 2012 and is terminating on May 5th, 2013.

Terms and Conditions of Personal Training Agreement Contract

(a) The trainer agrees to provide fitness training to the client on a daily basis for five days in a week without fail. In case when the trainer is unable to take training session on a specific day, the same will be compensated on a weekend during the same month without fail.

(b) The trainer has to design a tailored program for the client that is as per the client’s objectives, fitness level and experience. Training programs must have various training sessions where each session lasts for 60 minutes.

Following are some of the other conditions that govern the personal training agreement contract between for both the parties:

• Payment Terms:

The Client agrees to pay the Trainer $75, per training session.

• Termination:

In case of misconduct & violation to the mentioned term& conditions, this contract will be treated as cancelled.

Both the Parties are Required to Validate the Contract:

Signature of the Personal Trainer:

William Duke

Signature of the Client:

Diana Richardson

Signature of the Witness:

Kate Perry

The Artist management agreement contract is signed between an artist and a manager for management services. It provides various details of the contract and the terms that govern the contract between both the parties. Some the clauses that are included in the contract are nature of artist’s work, generation of revenue, sharing of revenue and compensation to the manager etc.

Sample Artist Management Agreement Contract:

Artist Management agreement contract Number: 45-HRC

Date of Registration: October 25th, 2012

This Artist Management contract is made and entered by Ms.Jennifer Elizabeth Schroder residing at: House No.1143 Summit Drive, Beverly Hills hereinafter called as the Artist


Ms. Gale Richardson, staying at permanent address: 35 Palm Circle, Dr., St.San Francisco, California 94013, hereinafter referred as the Artist Manager

This contract is effective from October 25th 2002 will terminate on October 25th, 2017.

Underneath the workings promises and conducts are mentioned, which are to be followed by

The Manager and the Artist during the Tenure:

(a) The Artist wishes to obtain advice, guidance, counsel and direction in the development and advancement of the Artist’s career as musician.

(b) Job Duties of the manager: To deliver exclusive service through managing artist’s promotion, contracts and assignments with her clients ;To be available to the Artist whenever needed and protect her against all charges of libel or misconduct .

Following mentioned are the covenants and conditions for both the parties:

• Obligations:

The Manager will provide complete service to the Artist. In exchange for that, the Artist will look after all the expenses and needs of the Manager.

• Payment Terms:

The Artist agrees to pay the Manager TWENTY PERCENT of the Artist’s gross monthly earnings.

• Termination:

In case of misconduct & violation to the mentioned term& conditions, this contract will be treated as cancelled.

Both the Parties are Required to Validate the Contract:

Signature of the Artist:

Jennifer Elizabeth Schroder

Signature of the Artist Manager:

Gale Richardson

Signature of the Witness:

Kate Perry

A Construction equipment rental contract includes a legal deal or clause between the owner of site who plans a construction on his site and a contractor who gives the construction equipments on rent. The contract includes all the conditions that need to be followed by both the parties at the time of construction.

Sample Construction Equipment Rental Contract:

Construction equipment rental contract Number: 103456 BA

Date of initiation:  March 01, 2013

This Construction equipment rental contract is made and entered by Mrs. Veronica Hopson, owner of 2011, Spring Street, Midland, hereby called as the site.


Mr. Joe Carlos, owner of Midland Construction Equipment Company, 140, Kings Lane, Midland hereinafter referred as contractor.

Contract’s Specifications:

  • The rented equipments include the Dozer, Wheel Loader, Hydraulic Excavator, Vibratory Compacter, Roller, Pilling rigs.
  • The contract note that the owner desire to renovate her house which is on site and wishes to rent construction equipments from the contractor.
  • The contract also notes that the owner is allowed to keep the rented equipments till the time of construction on its own cost.
  • This contract is effective from August 10, 2012.

Following declared are the covenants and clauses for both the parties:

  • The owner is responsible for all the equipments of the contractor till the end of the rent period. Any damage or loss to the equipments during the rent period is the responsibility of the owner and he/she is the sole bearer of the loss.
  • The equipments ought to remain at the site only. Any alterations in the location of the equipments need to be approved by the contractor.
  • The contractor is not allowed to remove the equipments from the site, till the end of the contractor without the owner’s consent.
  • The owner had agreed to pay a sum of $4000 to the contractor after the end of the contract.

Hence, both the parties will approve the Construction service contract

Signature of the Owner:

Mrs. Veronica Hopson

Signature of the Contractor:

Mr. Joe Carlos


Sushi Xong

A Commercial construction subcontractor contract is an agreement arranged between a contractor of a commercial property and a sub contractor builder in order to carry out construction. This contract includes all the conditions that need to be considered both by the contractor and the subcontractor during the period of the contract.

This contract comes into existence in large commercial project that are difficult to be handled by a single contract. Therefore the contract offers subcontract to another party for completion of the commercial construction without any time delay.

Sample Commercial Construction Subcontractor Contract:

Commercial construction subcontractor contract number: 7654K-12W

Date of initiation: May 26, 2013

This Commercial construction subcontract is made and entered by Mr. Adam Small hereafter referred to as contractor, contractor for commercial Property no: 123, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and Mr. William Nathan hereafter referred to as subcontractor.

Contract’s Specifications:

  • The contractor is offering subcontract of building the factory space along with the pantry, office, washrooms and other basic amenities, similar to those mentioned in the approved design by the architect. The approved design also passes all the legal conditions.
  • This contract is effective from June 16th, 2013.
  • The contract enables the subcontractor to complete all the construction in accordance to the provided plans and designs. If the construction accomplished differs that mentioned in the design clause, the act will be considered as a disobedience of the commercial construction subcontract.
  • The contractor agrees to pay the subcontractor 10% of the total cost as advance and the remaining amount will be paid by the contractor according to the work progress.
  • The total budget for the commercial construction subcontract is decided as $203400 which is agreed upon by both the contractor and subcontractor.

Hence, both the parties agree to all the terms specified above in the commercial construction subcontractor contract.

Signature of the Contractor:

Mr. Adam Small

Signature of the Subcontractor :

Mr. William Nathan

Signature of Witness to the Contract:

Ms. Jane Bill

A Real estate tax service contract is a contract between owner of a real estate property or land and a tax administrator or manager who handles the tax transaction related to that particular property. This contract is vital as it ensures that the property tax applicable on the property is paid without fail and on time every year.

Sample Real Estate Tax Service Contract:

Real estate tax service contract number: HGI6754R

Date of initiation: February 22, 2013

This Real estate tax service contract is made and entered between Mr. George Fernado, the owner of real estate site  bearing address no 43, Springville, Cambridge and Mr. Robert Marley bearing official address as no 18, skylark apartments, Cambridge hereafter referred to as tax manager.

Contract’s Specifications:

  • The contract notes that the owner of the building desires to assign a tax administrator for his land’s proceedings. The owner wishes to hire the manager for the job and wanted to be helped by him in dealing with the legal tax issues for the site.
  • The contract also notes that the manager is proficient in this work and is willing to do this work.

Following are the declared covenants and clauses applicable to both the parties:

  • It is the duty of the manager to keep a track of all the tax returns of the site before opening a deal of selling it. The manager ought to pay attention to every detail about the commercial activities that were conducted on the land and all the information about its tax returns.
  • He should be aware of the tax deductions that will occur when any buyer is buying it.
  • It’s a duty of the owner to pay a sum of $8000 on annual basis to the manager.

Both the parties agree upon the terms specified here above.

Signature of the Owner:

Mr. George Fernado

Signature of the Manager:

Mr. Robert Marley

Signature of Witness:

Ms. Linda Simpson