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A contract which is formed between a business development representative and a business organisation is known as a business development representative contract. Such a contract lays down the terms and conditions on which the representative is hired by the company and also defines his/her role in the working of the company.

Any such contract is a legally binding document which consists of certain clauses and covenants which must be followed by both the parties to avoid any kind of legal actions taken against them. A sample of one such business development representative contract has been given below for your reference.

Sample Business Development Representative Contract

This contract has been formulated on the effective date of 18th Jan 2013 and shall remain into effect for a period of 12 months.

Termination date of contract: 18th Jan 2014

This business development representative contract has been formed between the Employer and the Employee wherein the Employer has hired the Employee for a period of 12 months and to provide business development services to the organisation.

Employer Details:

Name: Paul Henderson

Name of company: Henderson Furnishings

Official address: A-78, Light and dark enclave, London

Phone number: 4709240940

Employee Details:

Name: Peter Pettigrew

Residential Address: F-67, third floor, Paul tower, London

Phone number: 4703982494

Details of Business Development Representation:

The Employee must work to build the business and improve the image of the company.

The Employee is responsible for building relations with clients and customers.

Payment Details:

Salary per month: $5000

Terms and Conditions:

  • The Employer agrees to hire the Employee for 12 months and the Employee agrees to work as a business development representative in the company.
  • The Employer must make pay the salary within the first 4 days of each month.
  • The Employee has to follow all the duties and responsibilities which have been explained by the Employer during the contract term.


Paul Henderson

Peter Pettigrew

A business broker contract is a kind of a formal agreement which is made between a business broker or brokerage firm and a business company. In such a contract, the broker is hired by the company to help in either buying another company or selling off a unit or the entire business to another organisation. A business broker contract is a legal document which must have certain clauses and terms which both the parties must agree to and abide by during the effective period of the contract. A sample of one such business broker contract has been given below for help.

Sample Business Broker Contract

This contract has been brought into effect on 9th April, 2013

Effective period of contract: 12 months

Termination date of contract: 9th April 2014

This contract has been formed by and between the parties with the following titles and details:

Business Broker

Name of the company: Greg Brokerage firm

Address of the company: D-90, Mathews Street, London

Phone number: 47309570935

Business Company

Name of the company: Jackson Pvt Ltd

Address of the company: Q-56/f, second floor, Henry tower, London

Contact number: 4730955039

Details of Brokerage Services

The BUSINESS BROKER shall help the COMPANY in finding buyers who agree to buy the COMPANY for a good price. The BUSINESS BROKER would be entitled to 5% of the deal amount.

Terms and Conditions

  • The BUSINESS BROKER agrees to find buyers or other business organizations who would be interested in buying the COMPANY.
  • The COMPANY agrees to pay 5% of the amount in which it is sold to other business organizations.
  • The BUSINESS BROKER must only look for real estate companies as the COMPANY is a real estate developer based in London.

Signatures of the Parties

Greg Nicholson

Kell Jackson

A Texas association of realtors commercial contract is a contract signed by two parties in Texas being the buyer and the seller. By entering into a contract the buyer agrees to buy a property from the seller, in agreement to the terms and conditions specified in the contract. The contract will include details of financial aspects, property details, and payment modes etc.

Sample Texas Association of Realtors Commercial Contract

Buyer’s Name and Address

Thomas Kaplan

Salem Meadow Cir, Austin,

Texas, TX 78745.

Business Phone number: 817-600-9226

Seller’s Name and Address

Margie Brewer

1330 Post Oak Blvd, Suite 1600

Houston, TX, 77056.

Business Phone number: 280-446-6655

Property Details

The seller specifies the location of the property, his rights on the rental, transfer and sale of property, all the transactions, warranty and guarantee related to the property, any association of the particular property with other personal or private and public properties etc.

Payment Terms

The seller asks the buyer to pay one thousand two hundred million dollars before closing, that being the selling price of the property. The payment can be made in three installments. The mode of payment is cheque or cash. The first two installments should be made before the closure of the contract and the last one can be made 2 months after the closure date.


The seller will have to furnish the title policy to insure the buyer from any loss, damage etc. The details regarding few discrepancies involved in the property will also be mentioned. The seller and buyer decide upon the scope of the shortages.


The buyer has rights to terminate the contract for his own reasons, as per the notice specified by the seller in the contract. The refund will be given in accordance to few clauses specified by the seller.


Seller delivers the property possession to the buyer, after the completion of changes, repairs that have been taken into his scope as per the contract.

Signature of Buyer                                                                                       Signature of seller

Thomas Kaplan                                                                                             Margie Brewer

Signature of the witness

Michele Abraham.

A commercial lawn care contract is a formal document which is made between a lawn owner and a lawn care expert who agrees to take care of the lawn on contractual basis.  Through such a contract, the owner hires the expert for a fixed period of time and pays him/her a payment for the services provided. Such a contract lays down the terms and conditions which the parties have mutually discussed and formalized.

Any commercial lawn care contract is a legally binding and enforceable document which must not be violated under any circumstances.  A sample has been provided below.

Sample Commercial Lawn Care Contract

This contract has been made effective as on 25th July 2012

Effective period of contract: 6 months

Termination date of contract: 25th Jan 2013

This contract has been made by and between the OWNER and the SERVICE PROVIDER. The OWNER has hired the SERVICE PROVIDER for looking after his lawn for the above said period.

Owner Details

Name: Greg Hamster

Lawn Address: A-90, ground floor, Ham Square, London

Phone number: 4740427094

Service Provider Details

Name: Nathan Jack

Office Address: Q3/8, Red Street, London

Phone number: 4793005053

Details of Lawn Care

The SERVICE PROVIDER must visit the lawn everyday and take care of its cutting, decorating, watering and overall presentation.

Payment Details

Payment per month: $200

Total payment: $1200

Terms and Conditions

  • The SERVICE PROVIDER must arrive at the lawn everyday at 7 am and stay for 3 hours.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER has to work for 6 days of the week.
  • The OWNER must pay the SERVICE PROVIDER within the first week of each month.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER must bring all the needed equipments.
  • The OWNER is not entitled to ask the SERVICE PROVIDER to stay beyond the set time frame.


Nathan Jack

Greg Hamster

A commercial design contract is a kind of a contract which is formed when a client hires a designer for any kind of designing related services. These contracts are either formed for interior designing services, fashion designing services or textile designing etc. A commercial design contract is formed for a set period of time and consists of certain terms and conditions which are legally binding for the parties involved. A sample of one such commercial design contract has been given below for the reference of those who need help.

Sample Commercial Design Contract

This contract has been brought into effect on 29th May 2013

Effective period of contract: 12 months

Termination date of contract: 29th May 2014

This contract has been formulated by and between the DESIGNER and the CLIENT. Herein, the CLIENT has hired the DESIGNER for providing commercial fashion designing services for the garment company owned by the CLIENT.

Designer Details

Name: Patricia Andrews

Residential address: F-90, jack’s street, London

Phone number: 4024703250

Client Details

Name: Peter Mathews

Office Address: W-34, Second floor, potter’s enclave, London

Phone number: 4079403250

Details of Fashion Designing Services

The DESIGNER is hired to design the women’s collection for the CLIENT’s company called Mathews Designs for a period of 1 year. The designs must be passed by the CLIENT to make it to the collection.

Terms and Conditions

  • The DESIGNER agrees to design the women’s line for 1 year for the CLIENT.
  • A salary of $5000 is paid by the CLIENT to the DESIGNER every month.
  • The salary should be paid by 5th of every month.
  • The CLIENT holds the right to reject the designs and make necessary suggestions.
  • The DESIGNER must be present on the official address of the CLIENT’s company on all working days of the week.


Patricia Andrews

Peter Mathews