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A real estate partnership agreement contract is a formal document which specifies the clauses and the terms and conditions of a partnership between two real estate companies. Such a contract is formed to lay down the various terms and conditions to be followed by both the parties as long as the contract is effective. The contract also contains the details of the parties involved. Following given is a sample of real estate partnership agreement contract.

Sample Real Estate Partnership Agreement Contract

This real estate partnership agreement contract has been entered as on 12th December 2012

This contract has been formed by and between PARTY 1 and PARTY 2

Effective period of contract: 12 months

The details of the parties involved in this contract are as follows:

Party 1:

Name of the company: Greg Property builders Private Limited

Name of representative: Greg Black

Contact number: 47204940

Official address: 3-G, first floor, Marks tower, London

Party 2:

Name of the company: Mathew Jacobs Pvt Ltd

Name of representative: Mathew Jacobs

Contact number: 49824993

Official address: W-78, first floor, Paul tower, London

Details of Partnership:

Ratio of share in the partnership of PARTY1: PARTY 2 is 1:1

Terms and Conditions:

  • Both the parties are equal partners in profits and losses which are incurred while they are conducting business together.
  • PARTY 1 shall be responsible for acquiring clients and making business deals while PARTY 2 shall be responsible for handling and finances, accounts and recruitment of employees and workers.
  • PARTY 1 and PARTY 2 are not allowed to share any information of the company with any third party or person.
  • Legal action will be taken against the party who does not follow the given terms and conditions.

Signatures of the Parties:

Mathew Jacobs

Greg Black

A domain name lease contract is one that is entered into between a domain name owner who is a lessor and an individual who wants to take the domain name on lease who is a lessee in the contract. This contract ensures that all the provision related to the domain name lease are clearly specified and agreed upon by both the parties to the contract. There are many important aspects that are clearly specified in the domain name lease contract so as to ensure clarity in the lease transaction between both the parties.

Sample Domain Name Lease Contract

A domain name lease contract is entered into between the lessor M/s Click lease Association Ltd, #1, Aldershot, Hampshire, London, GU12 and M/s Internet Marketing Company, #6, Broxburn, West Lothian, London, EH15 who is the lessee on 1st June 2013.

The terms and conditions of the lease are mentioned below:

1. The lessor is providing the lease of domain name that fits the requirement of the lessee which is subject to availability. Therefore the lessee agrees to obtain a domain name that matches closest to the requirement.

2. The lease of domain name is allocated to the lessee for a period of six years which can be further renewed on mutual understanding between both the parties.

3. The lessee agrees to pay a fixed non-refundable amount of 200 pounds before the domain name is allocated.

4. The content displayed and used on the domain name after lease is solely the responsibility of the lessee with no forbearance of any implications assigned to the lessor at any point of time during the lease period.

5. It is the responsibility of the lessor to allocate the domain name within 24 hours of payment received from the lessee and make it active and functional including registration with the domain names registrar.

Signature of Lessor   _________________

Signature of Lessee   _________________

A retail lease contract is one that is entered into between a landlord and a tenant for the purpose of leasing a retail property. The landlord provides the tenant with the leasing of retail commercial space. The contract of retail lease sets out the various terms and conditions that need to be agreed upon by both the parties beforehand. Some of the elements that are included in a retail lease contract are location of the retail space, names and details of the lessor and lessee, period of retail lease, amount of lease etc.

Sample Retail Lease Contract

This contract of retail lease is entered into between Mr. Hayward Johnson who is the landlord hereafter known as the lessor residing at #3, Loughton, Essex, London, IG10 and Mr. Joseph Greek who is the tenant and hereafter known as the lessee having permanent address as #76, Derby, Derbyshire, London, DE22 on the 29th day of March 2013.

Retail Lease Property Details –

Hayward Johnson Park Property,

#35, Radstock, Avon,

London, BA35

Terms and conditions of Retail Lease contract :-

1. The lessor agrees to provide the retail space to the lessor for a period of five years starting from the date of actual occupancy.

2. The lessor has set the deposit security amount for the retail space as 50,000 pounds which shall be refunded on the completion of lease period of termination of lease whichever occurs earlier.

3. The lessor has stipulated the monthly rent for the retail space as 8000 pounds per month which has to be paid by the lessee on or before the 5th of every month without fail.

4. The lessor will be solely responsible for all the maintenance expenses involved in the retail space including payment of property tax and the same shall not the collected from the lessee under any circumstance in compliance with the retail leasing Act applicable in the state.

Signature of Lessor    _________________

Signature of Lessee   _________________


A real estate lease contract is one that is entered into between the owner of a real estate and a tenant. The contract is binding between both the parties and specifies the terms and conditions for lease between both the parties. In a real estate lease contract the property owner better known as lessor is required to provide a disclosure statement which complies with the commercial leasing act applicable according to the state.

Sample Real Estate Lease Contract

A real estate lease contract is entered into between the two parties namely the lessor and lessee wherein the parties to the contract are Mr. Gibbs Nobel and M/s Iona Association Ltd respectively on the 31st day of July 2013.

Description of Real Estate Lease Property :-

The property that is leases is located at Gibbs Commercial Space, #5, Bradford, West Yorkshire, London, BD23.

Real estate Lease Contract Registration Number –                                     GB123458

Terms of Contract :-

1. Lease Term – The real estate lease term is fixed at 12 years from the date of contract and is extendable up to a period of another 5 years thereafter on mutual agreement of both the parties.

2. Security Deposit – The lessee is required to pay a security deposit of 40000 pounds to the lessor within fifteen days of entering into this contract. The security deposit is refundable on termination of lease or completion of the lease period whichever is earlier.

3. Monthly payments – The lessee is required to pay a monthly rent of 5000 pounds on or before the 3rd of every month into the bank account number of the lessor.

4. Usage of Premises – The lessee is required to make appropriate commercial use of the property without indulging in any illegal activities at any point of time. In the event of any such activity being involved in by the lessee the lessor has every right to evacuate the lessee with immediate effect.

Signature of Lessor : ______________________

Signature of Lessee : _____________________

A house rent lease contract is one that is entered for leasing the house. In the contract the parties to this house rent lease contract are known as lessor and lessee. The terms and conditions of the tenancy are specified in this contract which is mutually agreed upon by both the parties to the contract.

Sample House Rent Lease Contract

This house rent lease contract comes into effect from the 15th of July 2013 between Mr. Shaw Wallace who is the lessor of the property and Mr. Anthony Hobs who is the lessee in the contract.

Lessor Details:-

Mr. Shaw Wallace,

#5, Cowbridge,

South Glamorgan,

London, CF71

Lessee Details:-

Mr. Anthony Hobs,

#56, Hebburn,

Tyne and Wear,

London, NE31

Address of Leased property:-

#67, Wimborne,


London, BH21

Terms of House Rent Lease Contract :-

1. The house rent lease starts from the 15th of July 2013 and is valid for a period of three years from the said date.

2. The lessee agrees to pay an amount of 5000 pounds per month without fail on or before the 3rd day of every month into the bank account of the lessor.

3. The lessee agrees to provide a deposit of 15000 pounds to the lessor on the day of occupancy of the property.

4. The lessee agrees to maintain the property in a proper manner by taking due care of valuable items provided including electrical and plumbing faucets etc and pay the maintenance of 500 pounds every month without fail to the apartment association.

5. The property tax will be borne by the lessor only.

6. The lessee agrees to make only domestic use of the leased property and shall not undertake any business or commercial activities on the said property.

Signature of (Lessor) Mr. Shaw Wallace __________________

Signature of (Lessee) Mr. Anthony Hobs __________________