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A Wedding party contract is a contract between the wedding party organizers and the bride and the groom. The wedding party organizers accept to provide service of planning the wedding in accordance with the contract entered into between the parties. The contract includes some important details like payment terms, services inclusions and exclusions, venue details etc. A sample wedding party contract is provided below for better understanding.

Sample Wedding Party Contract:

This wedding party contract is entered between Mr. Ben Jonathan being the groom and The Millers event management Company. The later has accepted to render the service of organizing former’s wedding event.

Contract is signed on 14th February 2009.

Details of the Client:

Name : Ben Jonathan

Address : 15 Bayswater Road

London, W2 4RT

Tel: 00 44 (0) 200 222 1212

Details of the wedding party organizers:

Official name : The Millers event Management Company.

Name : David Miller

Address : Bloomsbury Park

Southampton Row, London, WC1B

Tel: 00 44(0) 277 433 0444

Date of the wedding: 15th April 2009

Location : Coram Street

London, WC1 1HT

Payment terms:

  • The payment shall be made in two equal parts. Payment of first part should be done a month before the wedding date, and the second part at the end of the wedding.

Services Provided:

  • The lists of services provided are as per the signed invoice. Further changes shall be made with additional cost.
  • The wedding interiors like theme colour, style shall be done in accordance to the invoice made; changes shall come with additional cost.


  • Initial consultation with wedding professionals will be provided at free of cost. That includes suggestions and guidance on each category that fit your event style and budget, for making final selections further consultations will be charged.


The contract shall be cancelled on occurrence of natural disasters and any unexpected accidents.

Signature of the Client:


Signature of the Party organiser:


A Jewish wedding contract is a contract between the bride and the groom according to the Jewish customs. This contract outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom, in relation with the bride. This contract is very important in Jewish wedding.

This wedding contract signed by the bride and groom is for the security and protection of women and also details her rights from the marriage. In the wedding contract the husband assures the wife to provide her the basic rights and requirements like food, clothing, shelter etc. A sample Jewish wedding contract is given here under for better understanding.

Sample Jewish Wedding Contract:

This wedding contract is entered by the bride and the groom specified herein according to the traditions of Jewish and Israeli citizens.

Contract is signed on 13th May 2009.

Bride :Amy Feign.

Groom: Abir

City : Beersheba

Wed Lock:

We accept each other as we are, and we are willing to enter the wed lock today. We promise to nurture our relationship with strength, unity and love.

We Pledge to support and care for each other in the coming days till the end.


We betroth to understand each other, listen patiently, and remember to give attention to each other. We shall foster the togetherness by respecting each other and share a special bond that recognises both our worldly and spiritual needs.

Prosperity in relationship:

We shall guide each other in the right path which leads us to happiness, and offer good will to us.

We shall bring prosperity and good health to one other, creating abundance in our life.

Good Marriage:

We agree to create a peaceful, warm and harmonious home, filled with joy.

And by exchanging these rings we become legally wedded husband and wife, in the presence of all relatives and friends.

Signature of the Bride:

Amy Feign

Signature of the Groom:


1. Witness                                                                        2.Witness

Aderet Eljah                                                                   Elliot Rafe

A federal student loan contract is a one that is entered into between the federal state and a student. The loan is obtained by the student as a borrower from the government for pursuing higher education. The contract shall include details about the loan such as loan amount, rate of interest, demonstration of financial need, promissory note, repayment terms, etc. A sample federal student loan contract is provided below for better reference.

Sample Federal Student Loan Contract:

The Contract is signed on 24th May 2005, between the federal state government department and Ms. Rene George for the purpose of obtaining student loan for pursuing higher studies.

Details of Borrower :-

Name : Rene George.

Address : Tower 4, Forest Avenue, Seattle, US.

Age : 18 years

Account no: 0122 333 444

Loan Details

  • The borrower has applied for a federal student loan of Twenty thousand dollars, 20,000$.
  • The student is provided loan by the federal state for a period of 4 years starting effective from the date the first instalment of the loan release.
  • The student is applying for the loan for pursuing engineering course from New York University.
  • The rate of interest for the student loan is fixed at the rate of 6.8% per annum which is payable along with principle on completion of the course being pursued by the borrower.
  • There is no prepayment penalty imposed on the borrower.
  • The equated monthly instalment for the student loan stand effective from three months of completion of the course and has to be paid without fail irrespective of the borrower being able to secure employment.
  • The student loan can be terminated at any point of time by the federal state department on finding the academic performance of the borrower unsatisfactory.


Signature of the Borrower : Rene George _____________________

Signature of Witness : Lavin Thomas _____________________

A building loan contract is one that is entered into between two parties for the purpose of undertaking construction of a building. The borrower is lent money by the lender for the construction of a building wherein the loan amount is released by the lender according to the progress in the various stages of construction. A sample building loan contract is given here under for better understanding.

Sample Building Loan Contract:

This building loan contract is entered into between the borrower David Construction Ltd and the lender Parker consultants Ltd on the 18th of July 2013.

Details of Parties to Contract :-

Lender: Parker consultants Ltd.

Address: Tower 4, Chard Business Park, New England, Somerset, UK.

Borrower: David Construction Ltd.

Address: No 25 East Street, Hollymoor lane, New England, UK.

Terms and Conditions of the building loan contract :-

  • The borrower has applied to the lender for a loan amount of One Million pounds, 100000000 £.
  • The said loan can be advanced and the lender shall determine the amount details and instalments.
  • The borrower agrees to obtain all necessary approvals from all government authorities having jurisdiction of plans, and specifications and all necessary building permits before making the first advance.
  • All the financial dealings shall require five days prior notice to the lender and shall happen at the place designated by the lender.
  • The lender has all rights to stop the funds if any of the conditions mentioned in the contract is not met.

Termination Clause :

The contract can be terminated under the following circumstances :

If the improvement on the site premises is not in line with the plan, as per the judgement of the lender.

If the borrower does not provide the required government approval plans within 30 days of the contract start date.


Signature of the Borrower : ___________________________

Signature of the Lender : ___________________________

A long term loan contract is a contract signed between two parties namely the lender and borrower through which the long term loan is obtained. The lender agrees to provide long term loan to the borrower. The contract shall include details about the loan such as total loan amount, rate of interest, repayment terms, repayment period etc as specified by the lender and agreed upon by the borrower. An example of long term loan contract is given here under for better understanding.

Sample Long Term Loan Contract

Long term loan contract: No: 23461897

Terms of Contract :-

Particulars of parties to the contract:

Lender: Birmingham shipping Co Ltd.

Address: Tower 24, Wimpole Street, West Central, London, UK.

Borrower: Warley’s transport Ltd.

Address: No 25 Old Gloucester Street, Holborn, London, UK.

Loan Details

  • Lender agrees to provide the borrower a loan amount of Three Million pounds, 300000000 £.
  • The term period of the loan is 2 years, from September 2nd, 2003 to September 5th, 2005 as per the contract dated August 28th, 2003.
  • The loan interest as per the contract shall be fixed at 7% per annum. The interest shall be calculated from the date of fund transfer to borrower, and it should be paid on a monthly basis without fail.
  • Borrower can make prepayment prior to expiration of the loan, but the interest is not subjected to change upon prepayment.
  • In the event that Borrower violates any terms of the contract, Lender has the right to stop providing funds and to demand repayment of the principal and interest of the funds already provided with immediate effect.
  • The principal should be paid in two instalments, which means 150000000 £ at the end of 2004, and 150000000 £ at the end of 2005.

Hereby, both the parties agree to the terms specified above.

Signature of the Borrower:


Signature of the Lender: