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A security contract agreement is a kind of a formal agreement which is made when a person or a party (known as the client) hires a person or party(known as service provider) to provide security related services in return for predefined sum of money(known as payment). In such a contract agreement, the terms and conditions are mentioned for both the parties to follow and these terms are legally binding in nature. Sample of security contract agreement is given below for reference.

Sample Security Contract Agreement

This contract is being entered by Jonathan Securities Pvt. Ltd. in agreement with Jane Somers Designs Ltd. as on the 14th of June 2013.

As per the statement of the agreement, Jonathan Securities Pvt. Ltd. have been contracted to provide security to Jane Somers Designs Ltd. The contract stands valid for a period of 12 months, thus expiring on the 13th of June 2014.

Details of the service provider:

Name: Jonathan Securities Pvt. Ltd.

Signing Authority: Mr. James Carter

Contact No.: 847536324

Details of the client:

Name: Jane Somers Designs Ltd.

Signing Authority: Ms. Jessica Somers

Designation: General Manager

Contact No.: 95463526

Terms and Conditions:

1. The service provider is bound to provide 24hrs security at the office location, and at the residential location or any other locations as specified by the client.

2. The service provider is to be made regular payments every quarter of the year.

3. The client may require extra security at time which the service provider must provide.

4. In case of extra security needed, the client must notify the service provider at least 5 hours in advance.

5. Both the parties must comply with the terms and conditions of this contract.


In agreement to the above given terms and conditions, both the parties provide their signature below

_______________________ _______________________

Mr. James Carter                            Ms. Jessica Somers

Public relation management has become an integral part of the businesses worldwide. With the increase focus on the public relations the need for hiring professionals in this field has also increased. Whenever an entity or an individual hires a PR management firm to manage its public relations the involved parties have to sign a legal document which is referred to as the public relations contract agreement. The agreement records all the relevant details about the scope of work and the terms of the arrangement between the parties.

Sample Public Relations Contract Agreement

Date of signing of contract: 13th July 2013

This agreement is being made for and is being entered between Pierce Hardman Law Firm (to be referred to as the company hereon) and Louis & Louis Public Relations (to be referred to as the PR firm hereon) as on above mentioned date.

The agreement states that the mentioned company has hired the PR firm to manage its public relations. The terms and other details are mentioned in the document.

Details of the contractor:

Name: Pierce Hardman Law Firm

Under Signatory: Ms. Jessica Pierce

Email Address:

Contact No.: 3586756

Fax No.: 56782

Details of the PR firm:

Name: Louis & Louis Public Relations

Under Signatory: Mr. Daniel Spector

Official Web Address:

Contact No.: 357806073

Fax No.: 9586

Terms and Conditions:

37. The contracting firm has hired the PR agency to handle the public relations of their organisation for a period of 14 months from 15th of August, 2013.

38. The PR firm will be paid the basic fee as specified, and any additional charges incurred should be discussed prior to the event.

39. Both the parties must maintain relevant records of the PR events.

40. The PR firm and the hiring firm must disclose the relevant information or details in any situation.


_______________________ _______________________

Ms. Jessica Pierce                         Mr. Daniel Spector


A catering contract agreement is a kind of an agreement that has been made between a client and a service provider who is hired by the client to provide catering services. This type of a contract agreement is legal in nature, which means that the terms and conditions of such an arrangement are obligatory for both the parties to follow and abide by. Given below is the sample of one such catering contract agreement.

Sample Catering Contract Agreement

This agreement is being signed between and by Hope & Faith Catering Services Ltd. (to be referred to as the “service provider”) and Mr. Liam Rocker (the client).

Date of signing the contract: 14th July 2013

The agreement states that Mr. Liam Rocker has contracted Hope & Faith Catering Services Ltd. to fulfil the catering duties at an event. Further details of the parties and event are as follows:

Details of the client:

Name: Mr. Liam Rocker

Contact No.: 57864735

Details of the service provider:

Name: Hope & Faith Catering Services Ltd.

Under Signatory: Ms. Faith Archer

Contact No.: 75463562

Details of the event:

Event type: Official Conference Meeting

Date of the event: 20th July 2013

Location: 65, 5th and Mains, New Madison Square, New York, USA.

Gathering: 200 members

Agreement Terms and Conditions:

33. The catering service provider will be paid 40% of the full amount in advance. The rest 60% will be made at the location post event.

34. The firm requiring the service must discuss the menu with the catering agency in advance for the event.

35. The specified gathering number must be complied with. In case of any changes to the number, the catering service must be notified in advance.

36. The catering service must make all the arrangement as per the specifications of the contracting party.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. Liam Rocker                         Ms. Faith Archer


A joint venture is a business opportunity entered by two or more parties together. A joint venture contract agreement is a document which is signed by the parties that are starting a joint venture. The document is a legally binding contract agreement whose terms must be complied with. It records all the information pertaining to the arrangement made between the new venture business entities.

Sample Joint Venture Contract Agreement

Date of contract signing: 15th July 2013

This agreement is being entered between Heath & Jane Securities Ltd. (also referred to as the first party) and James Securities Ltd. (also referred to as the second party).

As per the statement of the agreement both the above mentioned parties are entering a contract and are starting a joint venture. The details of the joint venture, the parties involved and the terms of the arrangement are contained in this document.

Details of the first party:

Name: Heath & Jane Securities Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. Heath Romero

Designation: Managing Director

Contact No.: 57864198

Details of the second party:

Name: James Securities Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. James Carter

Designation: Chief Executive Officer

Contact No.: 75415379

Details of the joint venture:

Name: Mason & Manson Financers Ltd.

Type of joint venture: A financing agency operational in the New York and other neighbouring areas.

Location: 5, 3rd and Mains, New Madison Square Avenue, New York, USA.

Agreement Terms and Conditions:

29. The parties involved in the joint venture are required to put in 50% of the initial equity each.

30. Any decisions regarding expanding the equity and public equity of the venture must be made in agreement by both the parties.

31. The decisions regarding the employment of higher officials for the venture will be made by both the parties.

32. Both the parties will have equal power over the management of the venture.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. Heath Romero                         Mr. James Carter


A general service contract agreement is an agreement which is drafted when one party provides services to another party. The term general service indicates the situation when a general service is required by the client and so he hires a service provider to provide the services in exchange for a fixed payment. These types of agreements contain the details of the parties involved and terms and conditions which are agreed between them.

Sample General Service Contract Agreement

This service contract agreement has been made between the CLIENT and the SERVICE PROVIDER. The CLIENT agrees to hire the SERVICE PROVIDER for providing cleaning services to the CLIENT’s hotel for a fixed period of time. The other details of this contract are given as follows.

Date of contract signing: 28th June 2013.

Date of expiry of the contract: 30th June 2015.

Details of the client:

Name: Jason Hotels Ltd.

Signatory: Mr. John Camper

Designation: Senior Manager, Jason Hotels Ltd.

Contact No.: 0958209856

Details of the service provider:

Name: No Mess too Messy Cleaners

Signatory: Mr. Henry Gomez

Designation: Senior Manager

Contact No.: 0158456378

Details of the hotel:

Name: The Romero, Jason Hotels Ltd.

Location: 3rd and Mains, Madison Square Avenue, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Agreement Terms and Conditions:

25. The parties involved are bound by the terms of this contract. Any violation on part of either party is punishable by law.

26. The service provider will be made the regular yearly payments on 1st July of every year. If the payments are not made on time, then the service provider holds the right to demand compensation fee.

27. The cleaning requirements and arrangements are as discussed by the parties in advance.

28. The contract period begins on the 1st of July 2013, and expires on the above mentioned date.


_______________________ _______________________

Mr. John Camper                           Mr. Henry Gomez