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A contract or a legally binding document which is made by and between two parties who agree to keep the terms or details of either the contract or any other entity undisclosed is known as a confidentiality policy contract. Any such contract is based upon certain clauses or terms and conditions that are mutually decided and agreed upon by the involved parties.

A confidentiality policy contract can be formed between business parties, employer and employee or any other two parties. Given below is a sample of a confidentiality policy contract that can be used for reference by anyone.

Sample Confidentiality Policy Contract:

This confidentiality policy contract has been formed by and between PARTY 1 and PARTY 2.

PARTY 1 is the manufacturer of stationary items and PARTY 2 owns a stationary shop in London

Commencement date of contract: 30th May 2012

Termination date of contract: 30th Nov 2012

Effective period: 6 months

Details of PARTY 1:

Name: Pix stationary

Address: 1-90, macro polo street, London

Contact number: 43094354035

Representative name: Bill Henderson

Details of PARTY 2:

Name: Jackson Store

Official address: Q2, ground floor, Jamie Street, London

Contact number: 43897409304

Representative name: Fred Jackson

Terms and conditions of the contract are as follows

  • PARTY 1 agrees to sell stationary products to PARTY 2 at a discounted rate of 15% for orders above the value of $500.
  • PARTY 1 has a confidentiality policy about the discounts and offers and PARTY 2 is not allowed to disclose any confidential information about PARTY 1 or about the discounts that it offers to clients.
  • PARTY 2, if found to share the confidential information with another person or party shall be forced to face legal implications and the contract shall terminate.
  • Both parties must abide by the terms of this contract.


Bill Henderson

Fred Jackson

A student confidentiality contract is a formal document which is formed between a student and an educational institution of other institute so as to ensure the student’s confidentiality. Such contracts are formed in those cases when a student takes admission into an institute and wants his/her details to be kept confidential.

A student confidentiality contract consists of legally binding terms and conditions which are obligatory for both the parties to follow. Given below is a sample of a student confidentiality contract that can be used for referential purpose by anyone.

Sample Student Confidentiality Contract:

Effective date of contract: 12th Aug 2012

Termination date of contract: 12th Aug 2015

Effective period: 3 years

This student confidentiality contract is being made so as to ensure the confidentiality of the details of the student named ‘Peter Samuels’. The details of both parties involved are given as follows.


Name: Peter Samuels

Age: 17 years

Date of birth: 1st Jan 1995

Residential address: A-89, first floor, Jacob building, K Street, London

Contact number: 43879473509


Name: St. Judes College, London

Address: S-89, pacific street, London

Contact number: 4893463055

This contract has been made to protect the students from any kind of harm from other students in the form of wrong usage of information.

The terms and conditions of the parties are given as follows:

  • The COLLEGE agrees to keep all the information related to the student undisclosed and confidential. Only members on the college administration would be able to see the details. The details include: the student’s birth year, student’s admission date, blood group, contact number, residential address, and previous educational details.
  • The STUDENT cannot ask the COLLEGE to disclose the information to anyone but the registered guardian or parent.
  • The COLLEGE shall be tried under the court of law if any information is disclosed to any third party or person.


Peter Samuels

Jack Earnest (college principal)

A confidentiality agreement employment contract is a formal contract or agreement which is formed between an employee and a company or organization in the case when the company wants the employee to keep all the important details of employment contract confidential.

These contracts make it obligatory for the employees to not to disclose any details of the company to any third party or person for the duration of the contract or effective period of agreement. Given below is a sample of a confidentiality agreement employment contract that can be taken into use by any person who wants a reference sample or example.

Sample Confidentiality Agreement Employment Contract:

This confidentiality agreement employment contract has been made as on 20th Oct 2012

Termination date of agreement: 20th Oct 2013

Effective period of agreement: 12 months

This confidentiality agreement has been made by and between the parties with the following given details:


Name: Kim Carrey

Residential address: D-56, martin’s street, F block, West end, London

Mobile number: 43874095405

Job position in company: junior accountant

Department name: accounts department

Date of joining: 18th Oct 2012


Company name: Darwin West solutions

MD Name: Kate Winslet

Contact number: 4837409540

Official address of head office: D-23, first floor, Potter’s tower, London

Terms and conditions of agreement:

  • The EMPLOYEE is bound not to reveal or disclose any information or details of the employment contract or about the company to anyone outside the company.
  • The EMPLOYEE must not talk about his salary and benefits given by the company to her with any third party or person until the agreement term expires.
  • As per this agreement, the EMPLOYEE’s employment contract shall be terminated if she reveals or discloses any important confidential information to anyone.
  • The EMPLOYER is bound to keep the EMPLOYEE hired in the company for the duration of this agreement.


Kate Winslet

Kim Carrey

A confidentiality contract for an employment contract is a kind of a formal document or contract which is written in order to make the terms of an employment contract confidential. These contracts are formed between the employer and the employee where the employer asks the employee to keep all the information related to the company or the organization confidential.

The employee is bound not to disclose the company related information to any third party or person. If you wish to frame such a confidentiality contract, then please refer to the following given sample of a confidentiality contract for employment contract.

Sample confidentiality contract for employment contract:

This contract has been made by and between the EMPLOYER and the EMPLOYEE.

This contract has been made as on 12th Oct 2012 and shall remain into effect for 2 years.

Termination date of contract: 12th Oct 2014

The details of the parties are given as follows:


Name of company: Timothy organization

Address of the company: G-56, second floor, Markson lane, London, United Kingdom

Contact number: 4209740242


Name of employee: Danny White

Address of the employee: 4-F, fifth floor, Jacky road, London

Contact number: 4892740204

Job position of employee: Senior marketing manager

Department: sales and marketing department

Date of recruitment: 12th Oct 2012

The following are the terms and conditions of the contract:

  • The EMPLOYER agrees to hire the employee for at least a period of two years.
  • The EMPLOYEE cannot disclose any information related to the company or its internal statistics, details or other information to any third party or person for 24 months time period.
  • The EMPLOYEE is bound to work in the company for the effective period of contract and is not allowed to work in any other company or organization for this time period.

Signatures of the parties:

Danny White

Fred George

A contract which is made between two or more than two parties so as to seal the details of a supply of services from one to another is known as a commercial supply services contract. Any such contract is formed legally binding in nature which means that the terms and conditions given in it are compulsory for the involved parties to abide by or else they are forced to face legal implications. If you are looking for a sample of a commercial supply services contract, then you just need to refer to the following sample.

Sample Commercial Supply Services Contract:

This is a commercial supply services contract has been made between the CLIENT and the SERVICE PROVIDER.

Effective date of contract: 16th Oct 2012

Termination date of contract: 16th Oct 2013

The details of the parties are given as follows.

CLIENT Details:

Name: Mr. Robert Hendrickson

Address: S-67, Wall Street road, New York

Mobiles number: 403093390


Name: Mr. Donald Billy

Address: A19, fourth floor, Jack Street, New York

Contact number: 402349730

Details of commercial supply services:

The SERVICE PROVIDER shall supply construction machines to the CLIENT on order basis for the effective term of the contract at a discount of 15%.


  • The CLIENT agrees to use the commercial supply of machines which will be transported by the SERVICE PROVIDER.
  • The SERVICE PROVIDER shall be responsible for transporting of the machines to the CLIENT as per the need and requirement of the CLIENT and after receiving the order.
  • The CLIENT shall make the due payment of the machines on the day when the machines are received itself.
  • Any late payment shall be met with a 5% fine on the payment amount.
  • The contract shall terminate in case of breach of terms.

The Signatures:

Robert Hendrickson

Donald Billy