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A commercial fundraising contract is a legal document which is formed when a commercial organization or other company forms an agreement with a person to party to raise funds or help develop a charitable cause. Any such contract is used to put into writing the various terms and conditions based on which the parties mutually agree to the fundraising.

The fundraiser agrees to help the organization in collecting and raising money through such contracts. Given below is a sample of a commercial fundraising contract which can be used for reference purpose by any individual.

Sample Commercial Fundraising Contract:

This contract has been made effective as on 5th Oct 2012 and shall remain effective for a period of 12 months.

Termination date of the contract: 5th Oct 2013

The following parties are involved in this commercial fundraising contract


Name: Potter’s organization

MD name: Mr. Peter Parker

Mobile phone number: 4930984045

Address: D-6, 2nd floor, George tower, Birmingham


Name: Mr. Mathew Adams

Mobile phone number: 4309039505

Address: Q-56, second floor, Markson lane, London

Details of contract:

The FUNDRAISER owns a furnishings business and agrees to help the ORGANISATION in raising funds for a building a commercial area. The FUNDRAISER is bound in this contract for 12 months.

Terms and conditions of the contract are as follows.

  • The ORGANISATION agrees to let the FUNDRAISER raise funds for the commercial area construction on the basis of goodwill and social contacts.
  • The FUNDRAISER is not allowed to get involved in any kind of illegal activity for the purpose of raising funds.
  • The FUNDRAISER would organization 4 charitable events during the effective period in order to raise funds for the cause.
  • The ORGANISATION cannot pressurize the FUNDRAISER to raise more money than what is possible.

Signatures of the parties:

Peter Parker

Mathew Adams

A commercial tenant representation contract is a formal contract which is framed when a commercial tenant gives the right of representation to another person. The person who is given the right can thus represent the tenant in legal matters which are related to tenancy. Any such contract lays down the terms and conditions based on which the parties are expected to act during the effective period of the contract. If you wish to see a detailed example of the same, then please refer to the following given sample of a commercial tenant representation contract.

Sample Commercial Tenant Representation Contract:

This contract has been made effective on 4th Nov 2011 and shall remain into effect for 12 months. Thus the termination date of the contract is 4th Nov 2012.

The parties involved in this contract are TENANT and REPRESENTATIVE. Their details are given as follows.

TENANT Details:

Name: Mr. Jack Billy

Mobile phone number: 4930943539

Address: D-56, first floor, Gary tower, London


Name: Mr. Robert Mathews

Mobile phone number: 4309405035

Address: 2-r, second floor, London

The details of representation for commercial tenancy:

The REPRESENTATIVE shall be representing the TENANT for all matters related to tenancy for the entire duration of the contract.

The TENANT shall be handing over the right to take decisions, pay rent and conduct other tenancy related tasks to the REPRESENTATIVE.

Terms and conditions:

  • The TENANT agrees to let the REPRESENTATIVE act on his behalf for matters related to tenancy.
  • The REPRESENTATIVE shall be paying the rent, signing documents and taking decisions on behalf of the TENANT for 12 months starting from commencement date of the contract.
  • The TENANT can terminate the contract at any given point of time during the contract in case of any breach or violation of the terms of this contract.

Signatures of the parties:

Jack Billy

Robert Mathews

A commercial vehicle lease contract is that type of a contract which is framed when the owner of a certain vehicle agrees to put that vehicle on commercial lease for certain duration of time and in return for a certain fixed sum of money. Such contracts consist of the details of the parties, the vehicle and the legally binding terms and conditions that are mutually decided and agreed upon by the involved parties. If you are looking for a reference contract, then the following given sample shall be very useful for you.

Sample Commercial Vehicle Lease Contract:

This is a commercial vehicle lease contract that has been made effective on 17th June 2012

Termination date of contract: 17th Dec 2012

Effective period: 6 months

The details of the parties are given as follows.


Name: Mr. Greg Mathews

Residential address: S-56, third floor, Peter enclave, London

Contact number: 4034209473


Name: Mr. Fred Billy

Residential address: A-78, fifth floor, J Street, London

Contact number: 4093409342

Details of vehicle:

Model: F-Swift

Truck name: Maddy Trucks

Color: brown

Total lease amount: $1800

Total lease amount per month: $300


  • The LESSOR agrees to put the vehicle on lease for a period of 6 months.
  • The LESSEE agrees to pay the lease amount within the first week of each month to the LESSOR in cash.
  • The LESSEE is not allowed to take the vehicle out of the Country without the permission of the LESSOR.
  • The LESSEE cannot use the vehicle for any purpose other than commercial.
  • The LESSEE shall pay for the gas of the vehicle on his own.
  • The LESSEE shall be responsible for the repair and servicing of the vehicle.
  • The LESSOR can demand to inspect the vehicle anytime during the contract term.


Greg Mathews

Fred Billy

A letter for termination of business contract is a formal document which is framed in the case when a party or person informs the other party or person involved in a business contract about its termination through a letter. These letters are legally implacable in nature and are formally drafted.

Sample letter for termination of business contract:


Greg Mathews

Managing director

Fred and Greg Company

T-6, first floor, Martin’s square


Date: 12th Oct 2012

Subject: letter for termination of business contract

Respected Mr. Mathews

I, Henry Jackson am writing this letter to inform you about the decision that I have taken on behalf of my company regarding the business contract that is signed between us .We had entered into a business contract as on 17th May 2012 which entitled my company to sell wooden furniture pieces to your store. As per the contract, my company was the ‘SELLER’ whereas your company had the title of the ‘BUYER’. The termination date of this contract is 17th May 2013 but due to certain payment problems, I wish to terminate this contract prematurely.

I wish to terminate the business contract based on the following given clauses of the business contract:

  • The contract shall terminate if the BUYER fails to make payment for goods purchased from SELLER within a month of deliver.
  • The SELLER holds the right to terminate the contract if the BUYER has made late payment three months consecutively.

I hope that you shall make the due payments as soon as you can and send us a written confirmation saying that you agree to the termination of the contract. We sincerely hope that you understand our reasons for terminating the contract and would respect our decision. My company is dedicated to its clients but beyond a point, we cannot conduct business with a client who fails to make the payments even after getting several requests and warnings.

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Henry Jackson

An employment contract sale of business is a kind of a contract which is formed in the case when an employment company decides to sell the employment business to another party on the basis of certain legally binding terms and conditions. Any such contract is legally applicable in nature and consists of the important details of the sale and purchase of the entire business. The contract consists of details of the parties, monetary details and the mutually agreed upon clauses. Given below is a sample of an employment contract sale of business which can be referred to by any person who is looking for help.

Sample Employment Contract Sale of Business:

This contract shall become effective from 4th Nov 2012

Effective period of contract: 24 months

Termination date: 4th Nov 2014

The details of the parties are given as follows

SELLER details:

Name: Mr. Fred Mathews

Name of business: Mathews Recruitment Company

Address: F-67, Darwin road, London

Mobile phone number: 493743393

BUYER Details:

Name: Mr. Tim Andrews

Residential address: A-7, martin square, London

Phone number: 47032947305

The SELLER owns a business of recruiting applicants to different company and the BUYER agrees to buy this business.

Total sale price of business: $50000

The terms and conditions of contract are given as follows:

  • The SELLER agrees to sell his business to the BUYER for the mentioned price.
  • The SELLER shall also sell the main office of the business to the BUYER.
  • The BUYER shall be responsible for the operating of the entire business which helps recruit applicants to suitable companies.
  • The BUYER shall have to renew the contract after every 2 years from the commencement date of the contract.
  • The SELLER shall not be responsible for any profit or loss of the business from the effective date onwards.


Fred Mathews

Tim Andrews