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Any legal document which records the details of an arrangement where a property is being rented out is referred to a tenancy contract. Such contracts record all the essential details along with the period for which the contract holds or the property is being rented. A 6 month tenancy contract is thus a contract which is made for a period of 6 months. It is just like regular contracts and a sample has been provided here for convenience of all.

Sample 6 Month Tenancy Contract

Date of signing the contract: 14th June 2012

This contract has been prepared as a part of an arrangement between Mr. Henry Lawson, the property owner and Mr. Jeff Gordon, the tenant as on the above mentioned date.

This contract states that the property mentioned in the contract below is being rented to Mr. Jeff Gordon for six months starting on the date 20th June 2012

Details of the Property Owner:

Name: Mr. Henry Lawson

Contact No.: 295-764-376

Correspondence Address: 3419, Simons Apartments, West Manhattan, New York, USA.

Details of the tenant:

Name: Mr. Jeff Gordon

Contact No.: 733-817-336

Correspondence Address: 359, 2nd Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA.

Details of the Property:

Location: 33, 3rd and Main, Victor Square, New York, USA.

Property Type: Office Space.

Terms of the contract:

  1. The fixed rent is to be paid by the 10th of every month until the contract expires.
  2. 2.      The contract does not transfer ownership.
  3. 3.      The contract is a legally binding document.


_____________________    (Mr. Henry Lawson)

_____________________    (Mr. Jeff Gordon)

A common tenancy contract is a regular tenancy contract which is commonly used by the legal authorities to record tenancy arrangements. The contract records all the required details of the parties involved in contract signing, the terms of the tenancy, the date of expiry or the duration etc. A sample of a common tenancy contract has been given here.

Sample Common Tenancy Contract

Date of signing the contract: 15th May, 2012

The contract is being entered by a Mr. Samuel Rendell, the property owner, and a Mr. Penn Bass, the tenant of the property, as on the signing date.

The contract states that Mr. Rendell is renting out the property in question to Mr. Penn Bass for the rent amount of $1000 per month. The contract holds validity for a period of 2 years(which is termed as the EFFECTIVE PERIOD) from the date of signing.

Details of the property owner:

Name: Mr. Samuel Rendell

Contact No.: 574-559-285

Correspondence Address: 64, Bella Rosa Street, Cistern Square, New Jersey, USA.

Details of the tenant:

Name: Mr. Penn Bass

Contact No.: 675-753-222

Correspondence Address: 74, Basin Elm Street, Redford, New Jersey, USA.

Details of the Property:

Location: 25, Beta Phi Street, Redford, New Jersey, USA.

Property Type: Commercial

Terms of the contract:

  1. 1.      The tenant has residing rights for the period of validity of the contract, i.e. it is not a permanent ownership transfer of any sort.
  2. 2.      The damage repairs (if any) during the residing period of the tenant must be borne by them.
  3. 3.      The contract is henceforth a legally binding document.


_____________________    (Mr. Samuel Rendell)

_____________________    (Mr. Penn Bass)

Assured tenancy contract is also known as a short-hold contract and is a residential lease agreement between landlords and tenant. It is usually framed for an initial period of six months and can be extended to a period of twelve months also, but is generally a short term contract. The contract must outline the details of the landlords and tenants participating in the contract, as well as the terms and conditions governing it.

Sample Assured Tenancy Contract

Under part 5 of the Housing Act of 1977

According to Amendment 28 of the Housing Act of 1989

Date of agreement:  3rd December 2012

The “Landlords”, their address and phone numbers:

The Assured Tenancy Contract is hereby effected between:

Patricia Evans and Josephine Butler of McKenzie lane, New York, 74646465 [henceforth referred to as the “Landlords”]


The “Tenants”, their addresses and phone numbers [both separate and together]

First tenant: Jacob Rogers, 56 Kensington Avenue, New York 37445647

Second tenant: Samantha Fields, 78 Roger K Moore Street, New York, 47564756

Third tenant: Jennifer Connelly, B Esquire Apartments, New York, 4783456

Fourth tenant: Brian McAdams, Tee Board Estates, New Jersey, 38746347 [henceforth referred to as the “Tenants”]


The tenants are required to pay the rent for eleven months with one month’s rent to be paid half. The rent is to be paid in three instalments according to the scheme provided below:

First instalment: 3rd December 2012 to 3rd May 2013

Second instalment: 4th May 2013 to 4th September 2013

Third instalment: 5th September 2013 to 2nd December 2013

The rent per month is 300 $.

All terms and conditions must be read carefully.


Landlords: _____________________________

Tenant [s]: ______________________________________

Date: 3rd December 2012

A tenancy contract refers to the document which formalizes the arrangement between two or more parties where there is a tenant and an owner renting out his/ her property. The contract mentions the expiry of the contract along with the terms of the arrangement. It is possible that either party may wish to terminate the contract before expiry. This information may be conveyed from one party to the other by the way of a letter. Such a letter is referred to as a tenancy contract termination letter a sample of which is given below.

Sample Tenancy Contract Termination Letter


Mr. Henry Forbes(THE OWNER)

45th, William Street,

Victor Square, Johannesburg,


5th May, 2012.

Subject: Termination of the tenancy contract.

Mr. Forbes,

I William Somers(THE TENANT) would like to request you by the way of the letter to terminate the tenancy contract that was signed between us on the 15th December, 2011.

I am shifting my business operations out of Johannesburg and to another part of the county namely, Pennsylvania. Thus the office space rented on Victor Square no more serves my business purposes.

  • I prompt the termination as of 5th May 2012.
  • As specified in and required by the terms of the contract I will pay one month rent after asking for termination of contract.
  • The property will be vacated by 14th May 2012.

Kindly register this as the official request and statement of the termination proceedings for the contract.

Yours Sincerely,


Ms. Kelly Brooke


House No. 247, Benson Lane

Hens Valley, Johannesburg,