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Trespassing is a crime and there are different punishments for the trespassers according to the rules and regulations of different states. However, some people are not aware of this fact and commit this crime without thinking of the consequences. If you are facing with any of your neighbors or outsiders who are forcing their rights on your property in a wrong way, then this article is for you. Following are few key points on how to deal with trespassers on your property. So, let’s take a look at the actions to take.

Keep Away The Trespassers. Use The Following Tips

ü  Your safety first: While dealing with the trespassers, always give priority to your safety.

ü  Get help from law enforcement officials: Don’t take law into your hands by committing any illegal acts. Instead, let the law personnel investigate the whole case for you.

ü  Know your specific details: Before filing any case against the trespassers, make sure that you have your land measurements or the relevant property details handy with you.

ü  Plan an initial consultation with the trespasser: Before acting on the above steps, arrange a meeting with the trespasser and explain the things in a friendly way. If the mutual understanding does not work, take the help of the law authorities.



Lease Deals

Vehicle Contracts are formal documents which are initiated between the two parties (individuals/ organizations) in order to rent the vehicle or to purchase the vehicle.

The official contract lines are drawn by mentioning the agreed payment terms for a fixed duration. Any kind of misconduct and breach can terminate the contract for which the guilty party has to pay the settlement allowance to the alleging party.

Types of the vehicle contract: rental vehicle contract, seller vehicle contract, buyer vehicle contract and others. The vehicle consists of the information of both the parties along with the vehicle details. In case of vehicle sale & purchase contract, the current owner is referred as the seller and the second party is called as the buyer, whereas in a rental contract, the owner known as the lessor and the second party known as the renter/ lessee.

Following factors plays an important role in the vehicle contract:

(a)    Contract Number and date on which the contract is specified.

(b)   Type of the vehicle contract.

(c)    The date on which the contract is starting and terminating.

(d)   Contact information of both the parties, including their names, valid address details and contact numbers.

(e)    Vehicle details along with the registration number and license number.

(f)    Terms & covenants consisting of the payment clause, renewal of the contact and termination condition.

(g)   Signature of both the parties for approving the contact terms.

(h)   Signatures of the witnesses.

The original copy remains with the current owner, whereas the seller or the renter can retains a duplicate copy.

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Vehicle Contract Form


A wedding contract form is a regular wedding contract which is signed between the wedding representatives and the service providers who are serving in the wedding organization. The contract records the details of all the involved parties, and all the details of the wedding. A sample of the form is given below.

Sample Wedding Contract Form

Date of signing the contract: 15th may 2012

This contract has been prepared to be signed between Fredrik Photo Studios and Mr. Mason Lockwood, the groom and Ms. Hailey Branson, the bride, as on the date of signing mentioned above.

As per the contract Fredrik Photo Studio has been given the photography contract for the Lockwood wedding. The details of in reference to the wedding are given.

Details of the Photography Agency:

Official Name: Fredrik Photo Studios

Authorized Official: Mr. Henry Pollock

Contact No.: 564-376-042

Details of Groom:

Name: Ms. Hailey Branson

Contact No: 571-083-476

Details of the Bride

Name: Mr. Mason Lockwood

Contact No.: 658-746-523

Details of the wedding:

Date: 14th June 2012

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Venue:  452. Bradford Lawns, Preston Square, New Jersey, USA.

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The payment will be made in two parts: 40% on signing the contract and rest on delivery of the photographs.
  2. The photographer is required to take pictures of the venue, guests, and the individuals specifically notified by the organizers.
  3. The photographer is also required to make video of the ceremony.
  4. 4.      The organizers must make sure the photographer’s work is not interrupted.


_______________________________  [Mr. Henry Pollock]

_______________________________  [Mr. Mason Lockwood]

_______________________________  [Ms. Hailey Branson]

A vehicle contract form is just like a regular vehicle contract where the involved parties are making a deal about a certain vehicle. The vehicle contract form records all the details of the vehicle, the parties, the terms of the deal/ contract etc. A sample vehicle contract form is provided here, it refers to a deal where an individual is leasing a vehicle.

Sample Vehicle Contract Form

Date of signing the contract: 12th May, 2012

The following contract has been prepared and is being entered between Hendricks Auto Rentals Pvt. Ltd., the rental agency and Mr. Andrew Preston as on the date mentioned above.

The contract states that the vehicle being referred to in the contract is being leased to Mr. Andrew Preston for a period of 2 years beginning 15th of May 2012. The contract also records the details of the parties and the terms agreed upon.

Details of the Rental Agency:

Official Name: Hendricks Auto Rentals Pvt. Ltd.

Authorized Personnel

Mr. Jensen Barton

Contact No.: 456-835-834

Correspondence Address: 34, George Street, Bruceton Ville, Pennsylvania, USA

Details of the lease holder:

Name: Mr. Andrew Preston

Contact No.: 349-849-346

Correspondence Address: 478, St. Mathew Street, Bruceton Ville, Pennsylvania, USA.

Details of the Vehicle:

Manufacturer: Chevrolet

Model No./ Type: Impala 1967

Color: Black

Terms of the contract:

  1. Any damages to the vehicle in the lease period will be borne by the lease holder.
  2. The amount of lease as agreed is being paid full in advance.
  3. 3.      This contract is legally binding arrangement.


_____________________    (Mr. Jensen Barton)

_____________________    (Mr. Andrew Preston)

An Aul vehicle service contract refers to those contracts which are drafted by the vehicle service providing firm AUL, whenever they sign a client. The firm provides various services such as towing, flat tire changes, emergency fuel delivery etc. The contract records all the terms of the services being provided and the details of the involved parties. A sample of the document is given below.

Sample Aul Vehicle Service Contract

This contract has been prepared to be signed between the AUL Administrators and Mr. Harrison Walker as on the 15th day of May, year 2012.

The contract states that Mr. Walker, the client/ buyer, has hired Aul Administrators for the task of maintaining and repairing his vehicle.

Details of the Service Provider:

Business Name: Aul Administrators

Authorized Personnel: Mr. John Lampson

Contact No.: 765-898-645

Details of Buyer:

Name: Mr. Harrison Walker

Contact No.: 467-589-790

Correspondence Address: 467, 2nd Street, Manhattan, North, New York, USA.

Details of the Vehicle:

Vehicle type: Sedan/ Four Wheeler.

Manufacturers/ model: Ford Focus

Color: Silver

Plate No.: NY-7990

Terms and Conditions of the contract:

  1. The contract covers the maintenance of following parts: the engine group i.e. all internally lubricated parts, all rotors, shafts, bearings; seals and gaskets; transmission, transaxle, and transfer case i.e. all internally lubricated parts like torque converter, case housings etc.; drive axle group (front or rear); turbocharger/ supercharger.
  2. Additional services namely towing, flat tire change, battery jump, key lockout are also included.
  3. The contract holder/ client are required to call respective area manager to get the services.


_______________________________ (Mr. John Lampson)

_______________________________ (Mr. Harrison Walker)