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An international contract is a legal document that is related to cross border deals or agreement. When parties from different nations enter into a mutual agreement over a product, service or business then the document signed between them is known as an international contract.

The following are a few types of international contracts:

  1. International franchise contract
  2. International sale contract
  3. International construction contract

An international contract is an important piece of document as the clauses mentioned in it are explicit due to the differences in law of both countries as well as the culture of the parties could be varied. So the following points must be mentioned in an international contract to make it more simplified and also equally understandable for the involved parties:

  • The contact details of both the parties must be specified clearly in the beginning of the contract.
  • The duration of the contract and its effective date are two points that are mandatory to be mentioned in any kind of contract.
  • The terms and conditions should very clearly define the detailed monetary figures so that it there is no dispute in the future.
  • The duties, responsibilities and limitations of both the parties are the points which are very vital in an international contract.

So just browse through this and have a look at various international contracts.

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A service contract which also known as ‘Warranty’ in some cases is a document that promises service to the customer/client. The ‘service’ could be repair, maintenance or regular inspection of the product in use. Service contracts are legally binding and the services offered are generally for a fixed period of time.

For example-In case of buying a new car, the consumer purchases a service contract through which he can avail servicing of his car for a certain amount of money and a fixed period of time.

Service contracts can be both written and verbal. Written service contracts are practically more useful than the verbal ones as they give a concrete and detailed view of the terms and conditions. A well-constructed service contract provides a good platform and a single reference point for trading relations which are mutually beneficial. It can put the parties at ease and tension free as it makes all the aspects and conditions transparent.

One can get a variety of service contracts as per need and requirement just by browsing through this site.

Service Contract Template

Service Contract Template

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Lawn Service Contract Template

Lawn Service Contract Template



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DJ Service Contract Template



Expiration of Service Contract Template

Expiration of Service Contract Template

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Sales Contract Template

Simple Sales Contract Template

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Catering Contract Template to Print

Catering Contract Template to Print

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Business Contract Template in iPages

Business Contract Template in iPages

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Simple Maintenance Contract Template

Simple Maintenance Contract Template

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Consulting Contract Template in Word

Consulting Contract Template in Word

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Separation Contracts are referred to those contracts that are drafted when two or more parties agree to separate themselves from any type of association. These types of contracts can be framed for separation of individuals from business, partnership, employment, marriage or others. There are various different types of separation contracts that can be used as per the situation and needs.

Some of the types of separation contracts include

  • Marriage Separation Contract
  • Business Separation Contract
  • Partnership Separation Contract
  • Employment Separation Contract

and many others.

There are various factors that should be considered while framing Separation Contracts and these include as following:

  • First of all the, irrespective of the type of Separation Contract, the details of the parties involved in the separation must be provided. The contract should mention the name, address and others details of all the parties.
  • The reason for separation or the association from which the parties wish to get separated should also be mentioned in these contracts. The date of association, partnership or marriage on which the concerned parties came together should also be mentioned.
  • The contract should clearly mention all the terms and conditions which are to be followed by the concerned parties.
  • The contract should be duly signed by all the parties.

Since Separation Contract is a legal document it should be prepared with due care and by considering all the important factors.

A sales contract is an agreement of exchange of commodities, service or goods to be exchanged from the seller/vendor to the buyer/vendee. The exchange is agreed for a fixed amount of time and a negotiable/non-negotiable price.

Sales contract is a legal agreement and is enforceable under the state of law. It is also called a purchase contract and it establishes the rights and obligations of the involved parties. They are useful in providing a common understanding between the buyer and the seller thus minimizing the disputes which could come up in the future.

A sales contract can be categorized into the following:

  1. Small business sales contract
  2. Large business sales contract
  3. Bulk sales contract
  4. Conditional sales contract

Examples of a few sales contracts are as follows:

  1. Car sales contract
  2. export sales contract
  3. land sales contract
  4. Goods sales contract    etc.

If you are interested to find a particular sales contract, this is the right place to search and find useful information.

A rental contract is a legal binding between the property owner and the renter in which the owner aggress to rent his/ her property to the second party and fix an amount for monthly or annual rental as per the suitability.  This contract is a written commitment which is signed in the presence of the witness.

Types of Rental contract: property rental contract, shop rental contract and house rental contract are the three main categories for which this contract is widely used. The terms entered into this contract are mutually agreed by both the parties. Any change happens to the mentioned covenant & conditions are being informed by the property owner to the tenant through a legitimate circular.

A rental contract is based on the following factors:

(a)Contract number and date on which contract is commencing and terminating.

(b)Contact details of both the parties, including permanent address, phone number and e-mail id, etc.

(c) Details of the agent, if there is any.

(d)Specified information of the property rented by the renter.

(e)Provisions including furniture, water facility, electricity and others facilities offered by the property owner.

(f)  Duties for the renter and conditions to utilize the offered facilities.

(g) Signature of both the parties to accept the contract.

(h)If there is any involvement of the Solicitor, signature & address of the lawyer firm.

(i)  Signatures of the witness in order to validate the contract.

(j)  Place and date of renter contract registration.

Both the parties can keep a copy of the renter contract, whereas the original copy is kept by the lawyer or by the property owner.