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A construction contract is a formal agreement which is formed between two or more than two parties, wherein one of the parties is the construction company and the other is the client or customer who wishes to use the service of the construction company or construction worker. These contracts are legally binding documents which consist of certain terms and conditions which are mutually decided and agreed upon by the parties. Any construction contract has to be framed carefully paying attention to each detail or line written. For this purpose, given below are a few points which will help you to frame a perfect construction contract:

  • A construction contract must be written down in a legal or formal tone and a use of legal terms must be made wherever possible.
  • The contract must consist of the names, addresses, contact information of the involved parties and each party must be given a title. For example, here one party can be called as the CLIENT and the other as the CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.
  • The exact dates of commencement and termination of contract must also be written down in the contract.
  • The details of the construction work to be done by the construction company must be given out clearly so as to avoid any confusion during the contract term.
  • A construction contract must also have the part where the covenants, promises and terms and conditions are mentioned. These terms and conditions must be very well detailed and must be written point wise.
  • It is also important to mention the circumstances or situations under which the construction contract can be terminated mutually or by one of the parties.
  • The details of the amount to be given to the construction company  in return of the services provided is also another important aspect or part of any such contract.

Investment contracts are those kinds of contracts which are made when one party invests or puts its money into something with the expectation of a profit. Investment is basically equivalent to saving money and deferring it to be spent. Any investment has a security of principle as well as security of return which happens within a specific period of time.

There are various different kinds of investment contracts. The following are few types of such contracts:

  • Guaranteed investment contracts
  • Housing investment contracts
  • Secured investment contracts


Any investment contract must be framed keeping in mind the legal nature and the formal style of drafting. Such contracts are usually drafted by experts. The following few points will explain briefly the points will should be kept in mind while framing an investment contract:

  • The opening recital of the investment contract must consist of the date on which the agreement is entered into.
  • In this recital, the names and address of the involved parties must be written too. If possible, the business names must be entered.
  • The main body of the contract consists of the certain terms and conditions of the contract which are to be abided by the involved parties.

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A confidentiality contract is a contract or a formal arrangement between two or more parties or persons sealing a number of confidential terms and conditions. These contracts are formed in the case where the involved parties do not wish to leak or share the details of the contract with any other third party or person besides themselves and this is the reason why such contracts are termed as ‘confidential’. A confidential contract is legally binding in nature and must be framed in a formal manner.

There are certain points that must be kept in mind while framing a confidentiality contract as any mistake could lead to a huge blunder considering the fact that these contracts are enforceable under law. The following points shall be useful:

  • Any confidentiality contract must be written following a formal tone throughout and legal terms must be used to give it a better edge.
  • The contract must mention the commencement and termination dates and must also cite the cases under which the contract can be called off or terminated by any of the involved parties.
  • The details of the parties involved such as their names, address, contact details etc form an important and compulsory part of any confidentiality contract.
  • The details of the contract must also be written down in a detailed manner and the information about the monetary considerations must also be mentioned.
  • The most important part of such a contract is the part of the terms and conditions. These terms and conditions must be written down point wise and it should be clearly mentioned that the contract terms are confidential and must not be shared with any third party, group or person.
  • In order to give a confirmation or agreement of the contract details, the parties must sign it after the part where the terms and conditions end.

A commercial contract is a document which is drafted or framed when two or more than two parties agree to form a commercial agreement and wish to agree upon a certain terms or covenants and promises for the smooth functioning of a commercial agreement or relationship. A commercial contract is formed when a party agrees to join with another party for a commercial cause of business purpose. These contracts are generally legal in nature and must be formally drafted by a person who has the expertise to write contracts. The following are a few points which shall help one to right a good and well framed commercial contract.

  • A commercial contract being a formal document must be written in a formal language making use of legal terminology.
  • A commercial contract must start with the mentioning of the names and titles of the parties which are involved followed by the mentioning of the effective date of contract and the length of time period for which the contract shall remain into effect.
  • It is important to give the details of the parties involved. These details must consist of the name, business name, address, official address, contract number and other contract information of the involved parties.
  • The details of the commercial deal or exchange must be given in detail as based on these details the parties would have to conduct their parts in the future time.
  • The most important part of any commercial contract is the part where the terms and conditions are mentioned. These terms and conditions must be given point wise and in complete and elaborate form not leaving any scope for any confusion during the course of the contract term or length.
  • The contract must be validated by the signatures of the parties involved.

A business contract is a formal document which is formed in the case when two or more than two parties or persons decide to conduct business on the basis of certain legally binding terms and conditions. These contracts are formally framed documents which are enforceable under law and describe the business venture or deal in detail. It is important for a business contract to be written or framed correctly for the proper and smooth functioning of the business venture between the involved parties.

It may be important to know the exact manner or way through which a business contract is written. The following few points shall be of help for those wishing to write a business contract:

  • A business contract must be started by writing down the effective date of the contract which is also referred to as the commencement date. Throughout the contract, a formal tone of writing must be adopted.
  • The contract must also have the names, titles, addresses and other information about the business entities or parties involved in forming the contract.
  • The most important aspect of any business contract is the details of the business venture or deal being signed between the parties.
  • Any business contract is incomplete without the clauses or the terms and conditions of the business deal. These terms and conditions must be written down point wise and should be very well detailed explaining all the scenarios or issues related to the business deal.
  • A very important part of the business contract is the terms under which the contract will terminate and also the official date of termination of the contract.
  • After forming the body of the contract, it is important for the parties to sign the document at the very end so as to give their validation of the details of the contract.