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A wedding is a formal arrangement where two people who have decided to get married invite all the friends and family to share the experience. There are thus a lot of arrangements to be done for a wedding to take place. The arrangements such as the catering of food, the venue etc. requires signing of a contract between the wedding representatives and the entities providing a certain service. These varied wedding contracts may be collectively referred to as wedding contracts.

There are a variety of contracts which may be included in the head of wedding contracts. A few types of contracts are listed here:

  • A Wedding Catering Contract: This refers to a contract which wedding representative signs with a catering service or catering agency. The contract specifies the details of the order such as the menu, the delivery time etc.
  • A Wedding Photography Contract: This sort of a contract refers to the kind which is signed between wedding representative and a photographer/ a photographing agency. The contract includes the details such as the photo resolution, photo size, the coverage area etc.
  • A Wedding Venue Contract: This refers to a contract which the wedding representative signs with the entity that owns the venue/ property at which the wedding is to take place. The wedding venue contract specifies the details of the venue, the payments in this regard etc.
  • Wedding Planner Contract: This refers to a contract which the wedding organizers sign with the wedding planner/ wedding planning agency, which is assigned the task of managing the wedding arrangements.

All of the contracts signed are legally binding arrangements. Each contract consists in it a set of terms and conditions which must be followed by all the parties that are involved in the formation of the contract. The contract thus certifies the arrangement that has been made by the parties.

A vendor contract refers to all those contracts wherein at least one of the involved parties is a vendor to the other party. A vendor is an entity which is selling i.e. vending a commodity or service to another party which is the purchaser of the commodity. The contract records the information of the parties that have formed the contract.

A vendor contract is of varied types, a few types have been given below with a brief description of the content of that contract:

  • A Simple Vendor Contract- This type of a contract refers to a contract wherein the party which is the vendor agrees to supply a certain specified amount of the commodity being traded, to the buyer. Here the vendor might be a wholesale vendor or a retail vendor etc.
  • A Master Vendor Contract – This type of a contract refers to the contract which is signed between a vendor supplier (i.e. a vendor or supplier who sells commodities to a retail vendor who then retails the commodity) and a retail vendor (i.e. the vendor who sells directly to the consumers).
  • A Retail Vendor Contract – This type of a contract refers to those contracts which are signed between a retail vendor of a commodity and a consumer or a buyer of the commodity. Here the vendor is a retail vendor.

Such contracts are prepared and signed with the motive of formalizing the deal. The contract records the details of the item/ commodity which are being traded like its type etc. It also gives the quantity being traded, the price and other relevant information about the deal. The contract has a heading which gives the terms of the contract which must be complied with; any violation of any of the terms by either party is punishable by law.

Vehicle contract represents a wide range of contracts that are formed and signed certifying a deal which has been made in reference to a vehicle. The contracts record all the details of the parties involved in the formation of the contract, the details of the deal they have reached to, the terms &conditions that the parties have agreed to follow.

The vehicle contract has many types a few of which includes:

  • Vehicle rental contract: A contract which is formed when two or more parties make a deal where a vehicle is rented or leased out.
  • Vehicle sale/ purchase contract: A contract which is formed when two or more parties make a deal where a vehicle is either purchased or sold to or form a party.
  • Vehicle repair contract: a contract which is formed when two or more parties make a deal of repairing a certain vehicle. These types of contracts generally involve a party which is either a garage or some other repairing agency.
  • Vehicle retail installment contract: A contract which is formed when two or more parties make a deal where one of the parties agrees to make a payment in installments.

The contract specifies the detailed information of the vehicle for which the deal is being made. The information includes the type of the vehicle (like two-wheeler etc.), its make, model and manufacturers, the plate number and the engine number, color etc. All such contracts also specify the payments to be made, the mode of payment etc.

The contract is prepared and signed so as to make it a legal arrangement for the parties involved. The signing of the contract implies that the involved parties must follow the terms and conditions of the contract. Any violation of the terms is punishable by the law governing the deal.

Physical appearance of every commercial property is as important as the business performance. Thus many businesses nowadays hire professional landscapers on contractual basis. These documents which record this arrangement are referred to as commercial landscaping contracts. A sample of such a contract has been provided below and can be used by anyone in need.

Sample Commercial Landscaping Contract

Date of signing the contract: February 7th, 2012.

The contract is being signed between M/s Evergreen Landscapers Ltd. and Henry Fathom Enterprise.

The contract requires that the landscaping company maintains and manages the commercial property of the business owner. The landscaping of the area must be done as per the specifications of the owners of the commercial property.

Date of commencement of contract: 10th February, 2012

Date of expiry of contract: 10th February, 2013

Details of the Landscapers:

Authorized personnel: Chad McAdams

Position: Customer Coordinator

Contact No.: 382-48-292

Official Address: Plot No.-4, Hilton Plaza, Johannesburg, USA.

Details of the Business Firm:

Authorized Personnel: Ms. Rachel Michael Murray

Position: Senior Manager

Contact No.: 382-49-924

Official Address: 4th Avenue, Victoria Square, Johannesburg, United States of America.

Details/ Terms of the Contract:

  1. The landscapers must manage the property as per the specifications of the enterprise authorities.
  2. The landscapers must send detailed monthly bills to the commercial business, which must then make the payments within 24hrs.
  3. The business can stall the payment if the landscaping is not as per the specifications.
  4. The contract is legally binding, thus any violation of the terms of the contract is punishable by law.


_____________________________ (Mr. Chad McAdams)

_____________________________ (Ms. Rachel Michael Murray)

Whenever a commercial property owner/ constructor sell a respective commercial property, they need to sign a contract to certify the sale. Such documents are referred to as commercial property sale contract. The contract records the details of the property and the parties involved in the arrangement. The contract must be prepared as per a certain format, a sample of the contract has been provided below for convenience.

Sample Commercial Property Sale Contract

This contract is being entered between Masterson & Henderson Constructors and Developers; and Mr. James Hedrick as on the 7th day of February, 2012.

The contract certifies the sale of a commercial property, and that the ownership is transferred to the buyer as on 7th February, 2012. The sale has been made at the price negotiated between the two parties. All the dues in reference to this sale have been cleared.

Details of the Seller:

Business Name: Masterson & Henderson Constructors and Developers

Authorized Personnel: Ms. Katherine Jackson

Position: Sales Coordinator

Contact No.: 392-49-923

Official Address: Plot No.5, St. James Lane, Pennsylvania, USA.

Details of the Buyer:

Name: Mr. James Hedrick

Contact No.: 392-45-234

Correspondence Address: Plot No.45, St. Mathews Apartments, Pennsylvania, USA.

Purpose of Purchase: the property is being purchased to startup a new business which is a franchise of the consumer sales firm.

Details of the commercial property:

Property Type: Commercial

Address: Shop/ Hall No. 24, Second Floor, Hank Commercial Plaza, Southern Block, Pennsylvania, USA.

Terms and Conditions:

The contract is legally binding, thus giving either party the right to seek legal assistance in case of a default/ violation.


_________________________ (Ms. Katherine Jackson)

_________________________ (Mr. James Hedrick)