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An employee contract agreement is a document which mentions the rules and regulations to be followed by employee in an employment. The contract is a legal document and is made so that there is no misunderstanding between the employer and the employee in the future.

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Sample Employee Contract Agreement:

This Agreement is effective from 24th October 2010 between Media Plus Co. (the

“Employer”) and Bob Marley (the “Employee”)

Following are the terms and conditions which have to be followed by the parties.

1. Employment period: The employee will join the company from 24th October, 2010 and continue to work in the company unless a termination letter is issued by either party after serving the notice period.

2. Remuneration: The employee will receive remuneration of $60000 per annum and will receive his salary on a monthly basis.

3. Confidentiality: The employee will be dealing with confidential information of the company. At no point of time can he reveal this information to a third party.

4. Leaves: The employee can avail twenty one leaves annually. In addition to that he can take a vacation of two weeks once every year.

5. Department: The employee will be joining the finance department at the designation of assistant manager under the supervision of Jack Daniels who is the head of that department.

6. Termination: The employment may be terminated if the employee is found misconducting and does not adhere to the terms and policies. Poor performance will also lead to the termination of the employee.

As witness to the terms and conditions, the employer and the employee has signed the contract:

Joseph Haynes

President, Media Plus Co.

Date: 24th October2010

Bob Marley

Date: 24th October 2010.

The rental contract agreement is the document which is made by the owner and the person who rents property or any other asset. This contract agreement lays down all the terms and conditions which are agreed by both the parties.

Sample Rental Contract Agreement

John Davis (the tenant) of Sunny Park, Cajun, CO 45678 has agreed to rent from Samantha Fox (the owner) of Fox Street, Hollywood, LA 98765 the following residential property:

Fox Street, Hollywood,

LA 98765.

The residence has two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one kitchen and one living room.


The tenant needs to pay an amount of $200 which is non-refundable on accepting this agreement and $300, fourteen days before moving in. The other payments to be made are as follows:

Rent of $500 per month

FL Sales Tax (9%)

Nonrefundable Cleaning and Trash Disposal Fee: $100

Refundable Security Deposit:  $10000.


The agreement is for a term of eleven months, beginning from 25th October, 2010 and ending on 24th September, 2011.


Two adults and one child will be staying in the premises.


The Tenant cannot sublet the property without the written permission of the Landlord.

Repair and Maintenance:

If there is a breakdown of any equipment, it will be assumed that it was not done by the Tenant and repairing will be the responsibility of the Landlord. At the same time the Tenant should maintain the safety of the premises and always keep it clean.


If the Landlord is not able to give the premises to the Tenant within the scheduled time, the Tenant will not pay the rent till he gets possession.

Samantha Fox

LANDLORD       Date: 25th October, 2010

John Davis

TENANT               Date: 25th October, 2010

Land Contract Agreement is a legal document prepared when an individual purchases a land owned by another individual. Details like location of the land, purchase price and total area of the land is mentioned in the land contract agreement.

The agreement acts as an evidence if any dispute arises between the purchaser and the owner of the land.

Land Lease Agreement Template

Land Lease Agreement Templat

Month to Month Lease Agreement Template

Month to Month Lease Agreement Template

Rental Agreement Template

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Settlement Agreement Template

Settlement Agreement Template

Sample Land Contract Agreement:

The Purchaser, John Davis agrees to purchase from the Owner, Tom Moody a real estate located at 4536 Aspen street in the city of Kentucky, in the state of Los Angeles based on the following terms and conditions:

1.   Price of purchase and mode of Payment

The purchase price is one hundred thousand dollars ($100,000) which has to be paid in cash. The amount needs to be paid in full at the time of closing the sale.

2.  Possession of the Property

The purchaser will be given the possession of the property on 25th October 2010. If the owner                                                                                                                                                fails to do by that specific date, he will become the tenant of the purchaser.  The seller will have to pay charges to the purchaser not as rent but for breach of contract.

3. Risk of Loss

After the sale is closed any loss taking place to damage to the property will be borne by the Purchaser. But, any loss prior to close of sale will be borne by the seller.

4. Taxes and adjustments

The real estate taxes will be borne by the seller and if there is any rent deposit, it should be transferred to the Purchaser.

This offer is made at Kentucky in the state of Los Angeles on 23rd October,2010.

John Davis


Acceptance by seller:

The offer to purchase this real estate is accepted based on the terms and conditions mentioned above on 23rd October, 2010.

Tom Moody


A finance contract agreement is a document created whenever finance is procured from a source to invest in a project. The document is prepared to make the process of obtaining finance legal. It also acts evidence between the parties involved.

Sample Finance Contract Agreement:

Premium Finance Company

Address: Relay Street, Aspen. MI 89765.

has agreed to finance the film project of:

Magic Works Studio

Address: Brooks Road, Aspen. MI 89456.

Contract no.: B3456.

Amount paid:

The Premium Finance Company has paid Magic Works Studio an amount of $500000 on the contract beginning date of 23rd October 2010 which ends after five years on 22nd October 2015.

Considering the amount financed, Magic Works Studio has to consider the following terms and conditions:

1. They have to promise to pay back the amount as per the payment schedule, following the Federal law.

2. Appoint Premium Finance Company as the attorney who can cancel the contract and also rewrite the contract if there is any default in payment. Premium Finance Company can take such steps prior to which they need to give ten days notice period.

3. Assign a security to Premium Finance Company in terms of the dividend of the company.

4. In case if there is a default payment or Magic Works Studio does not comply with the terms and conditions, they have to pay up the full amount immediately.

5. Magic Works Studio needs to pay an interest rate of 7.5% per annum on the total amount and the installment payment due date will be on 30th of every month.

Thus both the parties have agreed to the terms and conditions and have signed below:

John Cassel                                                                      Brian Singer

On behalf of Magic Works Studio                                  On behalf of Premium Finance Company

Date: 23rd October, 2010                                                   Date: 23rd October 2010

The construction contract agreement is a legal document between two entities who have agreed to enter into the work of construction. This contract clearly mentions all the terms and conditions which are agreed by the parties.

Sample Construction Contract Agreement:

The agreement has made on 21st October, 2010 between John Woo (the Contractor) whose office address is:

Ivory Park, Kentucky,

LA 98765


Jack Hu (the Owner) of the property being constructed at:

Jamie Park, Kentucky,

LA 99567

The owner employs the Contractor to provide the construction material and also supervise the construction of the ‘site’ at a total cost of $3 million.

The Contractor needs to begin the construction work in a month’s time from 20th November and complete the work within a stipulated time period of 2 years.

The Contractor also needs to abide by the following rules and regulation:

1. The Contractor will agree to guard the Owner from any issues raised by laborers for non payments. The contractor also needs to protect the work from any sort of damage. In case of any damage, he needs to cover the losses.

2. The Contractor needs to take precautions to protect all workers from any sort of injury.

3. The conduct of the Contractor should be professional and should stick to the wishes of the Owner in terms of work schedule.

4. The Contractor can’t assign the project to another person without the written permission of the Owner.

5. The Contractor should not make any changes in design without the Owner’s authorization.

The construction will take place as per the laws of the state of LA.

This agreement has been agreed upon by both the Owner and the Contractor.

CONTRACTOR:                                                            OWNER

John Woo                                                                     Jack Hu

NAME                                                                        NAME